Friday, October 21, 2016

On the second day of Halloween

On the second day of Halloween, the great pumpkin gave to me:

The costumes! 

No new ones this year.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

On the first day of Halloween

On the first day of Halloween, the Great pumpkin gave to me:

One trip to the pumpkin patch!

(I miss the days when I could take the kids to like 4 pumpkin patches. I had to actually SCHEDULE a trip to the pumpkin patch to make sure it happened!)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hapde burfday Jack

My dearest Jack,
12! Oh my word, next year we are on to the teens.

I certainly have a lot of things to say about this last year, but, we are well into the days when you need internet privacy, so I will just say this:

I am really looking forward to seeing the adult you will become. We are marching right along (at break neck speed most days), but you never fail to surprise me (and amaze me too!). We have reached the point where I can almost start to see the future if I squint hard enough and the stars are aligned just right.

I love you kid. Never forget I am in your corner.


Monday, October 17, 2016


"Fall is my favorite because it's so colorful." Sammi (she was surprised when she saw me put her leaves in size order)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Flea market sundays

Finally! A good day at the flea. It was definitely a buy all the things, make two trips to the car kind of day.

Grandmothers flower garden quilt top. 
I remember when I NEVER used to see this pattern. I might have an embarrassing amount of them now.

Huge pink bottlebrush wreath.
I'm going to put this on some ticking and make a pillow for grants room. (I am still seeing Halloween pillows though.)

Vintage paper Halloween.
Wedding cake topper.

This toy sewing machine has been on my eBay watch list so many times, I finally scored it cheap! (Never mind the dust I was in a hurry.) 

This pumpkin is all over Instagram, so I bought her for $1. She's growing on me eith her emoji like face.
Man, there was so much Christmas out. 

I could've bought do much more of it, but I tried to show some restraint.

We had SEVEN preteen boys here last night for a birthday sleepover for Jack. I'm spending the day regrouping. Ha.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Halloween pillow parade

I've got a big of a bug to make ALL THE HALLOWEEN PILLOWS. I have four done, with one more to make for the living room plus a panel waiting to be made into pillows.

The center is a kitchen towel.

Pattern on flamingo toes. (Sorry, no link ability in this app.)
Just quilted around a panel.

Free paper piecing pattern on craftsy, sewing with squeak I believe. 

I put zippers in them all so I can easily whip them off on November 1. 

The days continue to rocket by in never ending fashion with lists of places to be. I'm missing October while being in the car all the time! Boo.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Flea market Sundays

Our schedule has been so crazy I couldn't make it to vintage market days until Sunday. The pickings were very slim by then:
A sweet yoyo pillow cover.
And two bottle brush wreaths.

At least the garden is still bountiful! 

Monday, October 03, 2016

Flea market finds

There was a big garage sale at our family arena this weekend, so we went before soccer. I had to pay $10 to park, which is criminal really. And if it weren't for one lucky bin I would've left empty handed.

What was in the bin?

A needlePoint. Maybe a pillow or a bag in my future? 
Feedsack remnants. I had the repro of that yellow fabric for years, I was so excited to find the original.
Three tablecloths. They need sun but we may never see the sun again. 

A gorgeous pillow case.
Also grabbed this Japan tree with teeny pine cones.

And this blue beauty.

I put out all the Halloween this weekend, what a job that was! Sam home from school with pink eye. Just another day in paradise....

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hapde burfday grant! 4

My dearest ginty,

Today you are four! 

We made it through my very last trip through the terrorist threes. Woohoo!

At this point you are:
Exactly the same size as Sammi
Going to preschool two half days
In love with cake. You had your first friend party this weekend (and I took zero pictures) and all you cared about was eating that cake!
Funny. You have a real sense of humor already that is more grown up than three
OBSESSED with lawn mowers. And weed eaters. We have to watch all the neighbors mow their grass and you spend hours every day pushing your toy mower.
Also pretty obsessed with trains
Starting to color very nicely, count past twenty, recognize letters
Able to remember the craziest things, identify signs and places after only seeing them once, etc
Wildly entertained by Elmo
Finally dressing yourself, as promised, as soon as you turned four, but not a single minute before 
A talker. By the end of the day I'm pretty sure I cannot answer one.more.question without dying
Stubborn as hell
Missing Sammi since she is now gone all day
Often found eating all day. Mom, I need three breakfasts.
A freaking mosquito magnet!
A very good helper - cooking, cleaning, fixing - you are happy to help eith everything 
My baby! I will confess there is a little bit of coddling the baby going on around here. 

I love you so much kiddo and I'm so happy we get to spend so much time together this school year.  Here's to year four, may it bring fewer tantrums, more growth and many happy days.


Monday, September 19, 2016

Cargo duffle bag sewing

Jack has started playing soccer this season and after one game it was clear we needed a bag we could just grab on the run with stuff for the smaller kids. Snacks, drinks, crayons, a blanket to lie on.

After some internet surfing I landed on the free cargo duffle pattern at Robert Kaufman by noodlehead. (Sorry no link, still can't do that on the iPad.)

It was a super fun sew. 

I was massively intimidated by the zipper and pockets, but it turns out maybe my sewing skill level is a bit higher than I give myself credit for.
I think I'd like to make another just because!