Monday, March 05, 2018

Flea Market Sunday

 The first weekend in March brings a fundraiser garage sale that is HUGE and is the beginning of the yard sale season around here.  It will still be another month before anything else really starts going, but it gives me a much needed taste of junk in the winter. I have been going to this thing since it started 11 or 12 years ago, and it used to be a pretty small thing. Now it is more than 600 vendors, 5 miles of hiking and this year? Oh this year brought EPIC traffic that brought the entire town, interstate, etc to a complete standstill. They actually closed the event around 10 30 am because there was no place for anyone else to go.  I am really hoping they find a workable solution and don't just decide to stop doing the event next year!

I was there bright and early so no problems for me. Some years I have a hard time spending $20 here. This year I completely filled my cart and the extra bag I had brought.

So, what did I buy?
 A complete vintage quilt kit...
still in the original envelope.

This was also tucked in there and it's a treasure itself!

 Filled with gorgeously colored pictures and quilt patterns.

 I bought a few pillow tickings to use on the backs of my living room pillows. And a few embroidered pillow cases for cutting up.
 This candle holder is HORRIBLY painted but that bee!
 The sweetest vintage baby quilt top. It's finished, I wonder why she didn't quilt it?  I need to think on this. It really needs to be handquilted.

 The squirrel (and the curtains! so much detail) just kill me.
 A pile of vintage fabric scraps.
 Vintage candle clips.
 And the quilt drought ended too. I hadn't bought a quilt since November I think.  This one will be sold.

 This one will be kept.
 Apparently I failed to save a copy of the close up, I will put it on Instagram. Scrappy string stars. They are not quilted well, but I love the piecing.
 A piece of Hull pottery that I couldn't resist (even though I do not have my pottery out at the moment).
 And two huge antique mirrors. I am currently trying them in different places in the house looking for the right spot for them.

 The basket on this one is so awesome. I was actually on my way out of the sale dragging so much stuff when I spotted this one and added it to my pile.
That's my chandelier in the reflection. :)

So, an awesome haul this year and much needed!

Friday, March 02, 2018

A quilty leftover - pastel confection

 After every quilt I make I take a little time to retidy up my sewing area. Put away the tools, store the left over fabric, and put the left over pieces into a donate bag. (I just never scrap quilt. I don't know why really other than there are so many darn quilts I want to make!)

This time I was gathering up a pile of left over HST and thought these are just so pretty and I am in between quilts at the lets just sew them together!

Once they were sewn together I started a little math, sorting out the best way to get the biggest quilt out of them and this little beauty was born.

 I REALLY love this one! So pretty and light and soft and all from stuff laying around my sewing room except for the dots. I did need another half yard of those.
Plus it was fast and required no thinking.

Win win!

She is already sold and off to bless a new baby too.

Pastel Confection
Started and finished in a few days in Feb 2018
Fabrics are dolly jean for the florals and a black and white micro dot
No real pattern, just put a bunch of HST together and made it work
Cotton batt
White on the back
Straight line quilting
Sold to a new baby!

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Thrifted, finally

 I have not really been able to find anything to buy in the thrifts since maybe November?  I have a lot of (perhaps crazy) theories about how the thrift store relates to the housing market, but maybe I am just crazy. (It seems like when the housing market dives the thrifts are packed with stuff and people, when the housing market booms the thrifts are empty of both stuff and people. Maybe they feel flush with cash so they just throw it all away? I don't really know the why.)  Yesterday I did manage to scrounge up a few things. Christmas things even! My first awesome stocking found in the wild, FREE antique tinsel (woohoo!) and a few elves.
 This is what the thrift looks like though.
Tragic right?

It's March finally. Depending on the weather we are about a month out from the restart of garage sale and flea market season. Hopefully things pick up? If not, expect to keep seeing nothing but sewing here on ye olde blog.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Jelly Roll Rug (disaster)

 There have been a TON of jelly roll rugs on Instagram, so I was DYING to make one. It took me forever to choose a jelly roll. This is what I settled on - Paige's Passions.
 This rug. Oy. First it's expensive as heck. $33 for a jelly roll, $10 for a pattern, $5 for denim needles. I had the rest of the supplies but for those who are curious you need half a yard of 96 inch batt (I think at least $7), batting tape (another $5), binding clips (another $5), starch (another $8), and at least one giant spool of thread (another $5). Starting to think you should go to homegoods?  Uh huh.
SO. It took me about four days to make. It's not hard, but cutting the batting was challenging (and I wish the pattern had offered some damn suggestions for that part) and making the second turn was hard (and I wish the pattern had some diagrams or photos for that too). Really I think the pattern would benefit from a video. In the end IT WILL NOT LIE FLAT! I have starched, steamed, screamed, cussed, pushed, pulled, It is still bumpy. In fact, I wont dare put it anywhere there is traffic because I am sure its a hazard. A few others on insta have said that theirs is really slippery on the floor (add rug grip to your cart and your bill) and that they have flat troubles too.

So, it's pretty but pretty useless.

Ah well, not everything can be a success!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Doll house economy block quilt

 I saw a really cute fabric line one day and the next thing I knew I was ordering a ton of it.  Ooops.
 It took me all of five minutes of looking at the dollhouse panel before deciding I needed to fussy cut those and set them into economy blocks.

It was literally one of the easiest quilt decisions I have made in FOREVER.
 And it went together quickly too.
 Before I had even taken a photo, Sammi had snatched it and it has been living on her bed ever since.
 I happened to have the perfect stripe in my stash for the binding.
The backing fabric is the 30s line at Joann.


Fabric - almost all of it is Dolly Jean by Darlene Zimmerman ( I bought it from Hancocks of Paducah, which is currenly my online fabric BFF)
Cotton batting
Backing from Joann
Pattern - economy block EXCEPT I did not trim my inner squares to triangles. I liked being able to see the prints on the corners of the houses. I used this chart for sizing
Started Jan 2018, completed Feb 2018

For Sammi girl.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Jack frost

Frost is not so easy to photograph! But we had a nice visit from Jack frost this week. Since we were in the car shuttling back and forth to preschool we stopped to admire and talk about Jack frost for a moment.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Valentine swap

In mid January I started thinking that I really missed the heart to heart to swap. I reached out to a few friends on Instagram and asked if they would be interested in a teeny swap and they said yes!  It was fun to make something again. 

 Erica (goldeneggvintage) made gorgeous hearts. The tinsel! the babies! I let sammi choose which one we should keep for us.
 Beth (blue_davenport_street) made gorgeous teeny mermaids. They are magical. I seem to have inserted the wrong photo for the second one, sorry!  These are always my kids' favorites. I hang them low on the tree so they can look at them.

 Renee (myvintagemending) made the cutest lollipops! Aren't they super? There was so much to look at. And they had a little vintage valentine tucked in an envelope with them too.

 Ooops! These were our school valentines this year. 42 little mice. They were tedious! But so cute.  There was one handmade in Grant's bag other than ours and 2 or 3 in Sam's bag. Glad to see we aren't the only ones holding tight to that tradition.
Kim (kenwardk) made adorable fairies! Of course I even hung her sweet little tag on the tree.

Thank you so much ladies!  I look forward to doing it again next year?!?!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Valentine's day

 I almost didn't take this picture this year. I had forgotten about it until about 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  Jack came home from school with a busted up lip from gym, the other two were complaining a bit, but we squeezed it in.
It used to take forever to take these things - now it takes about five minutes. The worst part is grant! Grant, grant, grant, look at me grant, grant! Look at me! LOL

Thursday, February 15, 2018


 Man, it's been a cold, long winter. Dave is working all the time, the kids never have school, I have been in the throes of some kind of fuck my life episode for about 6 weeks...

Today it is nearly 80! So I made grant go to the zoo. He tried to complain (he has been seriously oppositional today), saying he didn't want to go and why and blah blah.  By the time we were leaving he said mom! I like the zoo.

 It's strange to just be there with one kid. But also? Nice. Easy.
 There wasn't much to see - the train and half the zoo are undergoing maintenance and building projects during the quiet season.
 We made the most of it though.
These hyenas were REALLY sniffing us. I told grant they could smell him and he replied "no they cannot! I took a bath last night!" LOLOL

Then we came home and grant decided to argue with every single thing under the sun so I made him take a nap.

Mom win.

For today anyway.