Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Flea Market...Tuesday? Eh, so be it.

I am even too late for Monday this week, so Flea Market Tuesday it is!

After not buying a single mirror for a REALLY long time this is my third in three weeks. Already hanging in the foyer.
I sleep under a vintage quilt in the summer. The one I have been sleeping under is shredding and every other day I am patching it back together.  Since that gig is getting old I thought I might try sleeping with this one.
It's super soft, but the applique is totally wrecked. It must have been amazing when she made it though. (Which is why I won't feel bad about using it daily.)  I am SUPER, SUPER picky about my sleeping blankets, so we shall see if it works out or not.
A really lightweight chenille blanket. On the fence about keeping this one, it might be shop bound.
GORGEOUS vintage fabric. There are two yards of that brown and white daisy.
Hmmm, wasn't I just saying I had so many vintage quilt pieces I had no clue what I was going to do with them all?  And yet, I bought more.
Listen, when the universe sends me the stuff I buy it. For about two years it was tablecloths. More than I could ever buy. And now I never, ever see them anymore.  I am sure this quilt piece thing will be a distant memory in a few years. But until then? I WILL BUY THEM ALL! Bwhahaha.
This was the only completed block in the bag, I am not sure what pattern they are for? Never mind, gorgeous anyway.

Off to work on a rain jacket for Sammi if I can squeeze in a free minute today!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hippity Hop

 Baskets were filled...
 Treats were enjoyed...
 times (man, Sammi COVETS the Cadbury eggs I keep in the freezer, she went right after that thing when she spotted it in her basket)...
 Ring pops were worn...
 three (Grant showed his off in THE CUTEST way after seeing the other two doing it).
 Eggs were hunted. Church was attended. (To never be attended again. Well, not until Christmas at least. The boys WILL NOT go in the church nursery, Grant and Sam would not stop fighting, Grant and Sam were marking all over everyone's clothes with crayons, Jack was being a punk and it all culminated in Grant and Sammi getting into a kicking fight where she kicked him down and they both had huge kicking, screaming tantrums. So, yea. We walked out.)
 Ear photos were taken in the green chair.
 Times many.
 They are really cute this year.
 And I could just cry in my cheerios about Grant's face.
 Is it possible to lighten that with photoshop? I don't own photoshop or ever do that, but I love these pics and his face is so bad.
 I use these photos for everything too. The yearly books, the calendars, enlargements.
They are all getting so big already too!

Hoppy Easter to you!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The annual ears photos

 The kids were WAY over due for a group portrait at the mall, so I took them yesterday. I already had matching Easter outfits for tomorrow, let's kill a few birds with that lucky stone, eh?

 I had the brilliant idea to take their ears along since they would already be in their Easter outfits and not be all sugared up and crazy. Besides, the ear tradition started with a baby Jack and a whim in that photo studio.
 Oh but they acted crazy anyway.
 It turns out it was a damn good thing I took the ears along because yesterday afternoon Grant's face had a big run in with the concrete. His nose, his lips, his chin. All bloodied, bruised and swollen.  And when it happened he was stumbling around the yard bleeding everywhere and screaming and I was running* because he was like a baby zombie.

Then I nearly threw up. It's so bad.
 Sometimes I am glad I listen to that instinct.
 Some days I am happy to survive.

Oy. (I still feel a little sick just thinking about it. I will still attempt ear photos here at home because it's tradition, but oh boy.)
 We also dyed the eggs yesterday.
 While wearing our pumpkin Halloween costumes.
What? You don't do that?

Man, I love these kids so damn much.

Every day is an adventure around here.

*I do not run. I have instructed the children to call the police any time they see me running.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Flying geese finally finished on a Friday

 Man, this was a bugger of a quilt. So many pieces, so many seams, so difficult to lay out.
 And my sewing machine started really shooting craps while quilting and I could  not get a straight line or good thread tension for the life of me.
 It's done and dusted now.
 My new sewing machine is coming home today.
 I can start the next project and tick this one off the list.
At least the backing fabric was a perfect fit? :-)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter decorations

I wasn't sure I was going to put up any Easter decorations this year with everything else going on, but I went ahead and did four little areas.
Our little nature shelf;
(Thrifted this duckling yesterday, her head had been cracked off at some point and right now I do not buy anything damaged but there is something so charming about her.)

The mantle;

The top of the china cabinet;
And the foyer tree.
Jack made me animal eggs this year (thrifted but it was a kit from Target last year).
What does the fox....argh!

I love this tree more and more each year.  :-)

We are nearly ready for the bunny and church and ear photos, just in the nick of time!