Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Patriotic swap?

A few people have asked about adding another swap, so how about a patriotic theme?  I am always struggling to find things to hang on our summer feather tree (some day I WILL have those cardboard axes).

I picked these up yesterday and they got my crafty wheels spinning.

A few other patriotic things from the blog:

And one I have always loved from Country Living:
We are a little bit short on time, but I think it will work.

I will just run this the same as Halloween and Valentine's day. You make x number of ornament type items and you will receive the same number in return. (The number will depend on how many people sign up - it will be between 5 and 14. I will tell you the exact number in the welcome email.) Craft with whatever you please.

 If I can get at least 5 participants I will start the swap. I will close the sign up list at 14 participants.

The postage fee will be the usual $5, I can invoice you directly through paypal, so leave your paypal address in your email please. That way you don't have to worry about remembering to put it in your package and the shipping addresses are all collected in one place for me already.

The deadline to have your package to me will be June 21, that gives me a few days to turn them around in time for July 4th.

If you would like to join please email me at Sign ups will close Weds, May 27th. Be there or be square!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Patriotic picnic quilt, or a quilt of valor for my Dad

Yesterday was Jack's award ceremony at school and today is his very last day of elementary school! Whoa Nellie!

He received the Presidential Academic Award of Excellence, which came with a letter from the White House.
How exciting! Way to go Jack.

On to middle school. Yippeee!

A few years ago my dad said he needed a new quilt and would like red stars. He drives for the Amish and tried to find an Amish quilter to make one for him, but the wait list was years long.

I hadn't forgotten the request, but it took me a long time to get back to it.

The kick in the butt was my Aunt always telling me to make him a quilt of valor.

One of the times I was clearing things out of my sewing room recently I found a big stash of vintage red, white and blue gingham.  I knew it was just the thing to finally make my dad's quilt.

And here she is:
I call it the Patriotic Picnic. I hesitate to call it a quilt of valor because while my dad is a Vet, I don't think that would have a good association for him. :/

It's my own design again, and it's bloody huge. Unlike Goodnight Moon, this one was a beast and it challenged me over and over and over again.
From piecing tiny stars, to having to adjust my design several times, to wrestling this King Kong through my machine.
Scrappy binding.
And polka dots on the back.
Even worse was that it kept shifting while I was quilting. Maybe I had a bad batch of 505? I've not had that problem since I started using it. (Even worse was that I had to baste it like three times.)

Aside from the quilting troubles, I feel like the piecing and design are good.

B for effort on this one perhaps.

**There are still lots of things available from my instagram sale at in case you need a little shopping fun this holiday weekend. We are off to the 100 mile yard sale tomorrow with Jack in tow (that child cannot be left with any kind of babysitter right now due to VERY bad behavior, so he gets to hold my hand a lot right now, heh.)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Goodnight moon baby toddler quilt for Grant

Right now there is nothing more I would rather be doing on most any day besides quilting.  I have another 2 finished to show you and another two in the works. I think Goodnight moon was my 6th finish for 2015.

I was browsing the #thegreatfabricdestash on instagram one day and spotted some goodnight moon fabric. I didn't even know such a thing existed, but my wheels started immediately churning.  Whenever Grant is having a rough time sleeping we read Goodnight moon or play the goodnight Granty game. (I rock him forever and just repeat random lines from the book and then start saying goodnight to all of HIS things - so goodnight Sam, goodnight Jack, goodnight Oma, goodnight to his cookie monster, etc.)  This almost never fails to calm him down.

This quilt was my design. And I was so SO excited when I starting making it and it worked out exactly as I had planned! As soon as Grant saw the fabric he declared  it "the most beautiful quilt ever!" and "it's my quilt mommy? mine?"

Some quilts are a total joy to make and some a real labor of love, lol.


Fabrics - goodnight moon, orange dot Riley Blake, Grass is Juliana Horner for Joann, backing some random gray dot from Joann
Moon appliqued on, as are the window sashings (made with a very skinny vintage bias tape)
Rough edge applique details in the cat, the mouse, the goodnight moon sign above the door, the door window.
Design by me
Finished May, 2015
Made for my Ginty boy
Verdict - LOVE! math worked, piecing worked and was quick, execution of round applique is much improved, new quilting design in the stars was super fun

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Flea Market Sunday

I think it's the flea market Sunday posts that are annoying me. My computer is so bloody slow with this! Argh.

This week:

Love the wood grain painting.
Toddler sheet.
Umm, yes please!~
Sorry this is a weirdly cut off photo, I didn't notice when I was taking it. A very sweet toddler sized quilt.

That someone cut right in half! Argh. I cant decide if I want to do something about that, leave it as is, or use it for something else since it's already cut in half.
Sweet feedsacks on the back.
Gorgeous dresdens!

With very special quilting.  It's smelly and yellowed near the center, but we need some consistent sun before I attempt to wash it.
These are wax, really small ( candle sized) and hollow. Hmm..... I don't know how they would have been used originally? I plan to put them on candle clips and put them on the Halloween tree.
Very sweet small mirrors for the hallway.

I'm off. I am missing call the midwife, the microwave is beeping, I finished a baby gift today and the tub repairman is coming first thing in the morning. Not to mention this is the kids last week of school already. Oy!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Quilted vintage feedsack table runner

I was digging around in my sewing room looking for something when a stack of 2 inch feedsack squares I  bought last year caught my eye. I decided to sew them up asap.

I didn't recut them or do anything other than lay them out, sew them together and then quilt them, so they are a bit wonky, but they are gorgeous!

I am hoping a visual reminder on the counter will slow the kids down from climbing all over it.
Aren't they sweet?
And my peonies are in bloom too!

Happy Friday.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

So this is 40.

 Hello 40.  I don't really think we are friends just yet.
But maybe in some ways we are. (See exhibit A - selfies taken while lying around with bedhead watching Daniel Tiger with the kids.)

On the kids birthdays I document their development, their milestones, their likes and dislikes and so forth. So how about one for me on this milestone birthday?

40 things about me. Maybe.
1. Currently reading - all the quilt magazines.
2. Still reading - all the Stephen King
3. Eating - loads of fruits and vegetables in an effort to lose a few.
4. I hated raspberries until Jack was a toddler and we took him raspberry picking. Now I eat a pint a day.
5. I could spend all day quilting.
6. Or sitting outside with the kids.
7. I don't have a lot of give of fuck when it comes to the house these days.
8. I have even less give a fuck about cooking these days.
9. I feel 40.
10. But also I don't. That's weird.
11. It freaks me out to think my life is likely half done.
12. That makes me need to quilt all the things.
13. And buy all the fabric to quilt all the things.
14. If I could get back to England I would head straight for Liberty.
15. I finally bought myself some Liberty Tana Lawn for my birthday.
16. The last 6 years have It's finally relenting.
17. Its a bit weird to be 40 and still have two very small kids.
18. That makes it hard to have girlfriends. All their kids are teens and so forth.
19. I obviously do not care that much though, because I don't do anything about it.
20. I hope I never have to go back to teaching.
21. My grandpa would die that I don't use that degree, but it gives me the security my grandma wanted me to have.
22. I feel like a Bon Jovi song - the skin I am in is alright with me, it's not old, just older.
23. I am on a mission to wear pink now.
24. Why not? It makes me happy.
25. I need a nap every day.
26. Most days I manage to sneak in a few minutes while Sam watches tv.
27. My kids, dude, my kids. I have reached that point in life where I just look at them in wonder. I made them! After all that turmoil I made them.
28. I watch the Golden Girls every night.
29. And then I freak out because I am only 18 years younger than the Golden Girls.
30. At least I can laugh about it.
31. I am trying to be less hardcore, but lets face it, I am a hard ass.
32. I was born that way.
33. I am totally over people who find that intimidating.
34. When I was college I cried when my myers briggs personality test showed me to be a hard ass. Why? STOOPID. Someone has to be bossy.
35. I am still not sure I can believe in God. I mean I do, but I don't.
36. I find it endlessly fascinating to watch the children's relationships with God develop and it has me 100% convinced that some people are born with the gene to believe and some just are not.
37. I cannot wait until next year when the kids are big enough to start travelling! I used to go everywhere.
38. I miss that.
39. This morning started with 1 tantrum over a blue bowl and not a pink bowl, 1 tantrum over wanting to pour milk, and 1 child with his face in my face before I was even up telling me he needed his laundry done.
40. It's a glamorous life I lead.
41. It's alright by me.

Hapde Burfday to me!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hapde Mudder's Day

Selfie the kids and I took yesterday.
Dave finally made me silhouettes of the kids. Sorry for the weird angle, its the only way you could see them without reflection.
I made a handprint wreath for my mom, and since I was already cutting I made one for me too. (Which Jack says, "mom, it's really derpy that you made your own present." I consider it crafting, but thanks kid.)
Dave made me a feedsack pin with a Dr Pepper cap - the logo says "10, 2 & 4" on it - which is the current ages of the kids.
And as a gift to myself I took down the baby gate over one of the openings on my sewing area. It's a big mess right there because climbing over the gate 400 times a day to put stuff away is just ridiculous. So far the kids are doing great with it.  Jack made a big mess in there once, but mostly they are only going in there for paper or crayons. It would be REALLY great if I could take down the other one finally too!

So, a few thoughts on mothering this last year -

My kids are finally starting to show peeks of independence. They can play by themselves, solve problems by themselves, get themselves snacks and drinks and all that cool stuff. Jack is becoming ever more challenging with each passing day. I've still spent way more than my share of time rocking and reading and getting up all night long and tying shoes and putting on pants and all that little kid stuff too, but in many ways they are getting easier and the load is lightening. They are funny and amazing and definitely individuals now. I have become WAY WAY more laid back about this mothering gig. If we are all alive it's all good. No really. I mean, sure, we have moments (like this morning when I was folding a sheet and went to put it away and Grant ran out into the middle of an intersection thinking he was playing with Jack and I rounded the corner to hear Jack yelling and see Grant running like a damn fool and I had to chase him like a chicken all over the neighborhood, zoinks), but my forks are all over the back yard digging holes and the kids wear whatever clothes they please and yes, we have crayon marks on the walls. But I have totally come to see the beauty in choosing my battles wisely.  Flooding the house? Totally not cool. But using the whole bottle of hand soap while playing in the sink for thirty minutes? Eh, we can buy more.

I am turning 40 this week. It's all about perspective at this point I guess.

Anyway. That was mother's day over here.  I will be back because  I have TWO finished quilts. And that pesky birthday to celebrate.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Spring things

I've narrowed down my list of issues with blogging to about 100 things, lol, but at least it's helped me think about what my issues really are.

Some of them are just momentary (crazy busy time of year, outside 12 hours a day with the kids), some of them are more long term (computer dying and just not really wanting to replace it, and yet mobile blogging on this platform is just awful), and some of them, well, it feels like talking to myself, I would rather be know.

Anyway. Here I am.
Our birds are about ready to fledge. They have made a GROSS mess of our lovely nest and planter! Grant saw this and said "eww, gross."
Then he saw this and said "not gross"... "not gross"..."not gross"...for all the rest of the photos. That kid! LOL

This is the mantel right now. I went for a springy/birthday/things mommy likes theme. Flowers, ribbons, nests, butterflies.
OF COURSE it is rainy today. Hmmmmph. Always. Some feathers, a chocolate mold basket, millinery flowers, Heather Ross fabric in a sweet IKEA frame.
Pottery barn kids butterflies, a frog, some flowery postcards.
A nest, depression glass, some wooden garden themed people.
The tree does not photograph well this time because it is very airy and sparse - butterflies and kites.
The kids and I made some colorful handprint flowers with paper straw stems. I made a bunch more to make a wreath for my mother for Sunday, but I have lost them (and it was a stupid amount of work with these two). So we are off to walmart as soon as I hit publish for more construction paper so we can do it again. Sigh.
Kites and butterflies and some flowers.
I paid a lot for this HUGE book/magazine in Barnes & Noble, but I was totally smitten! (It is not on Amazon, sorry. I found it with the magazines in the home section, but it looked rather randomly placed there. It was the only one.)
It is like three inches thick and filled with the most delicious paper stuff ever! Invites, stickers, papers, signs, paper dolls, posters, you name it.

Would make a lovely mother's day gift for other craft junkies!

Okay, off to crapmart with us. Happy Friday! (Come see us on instagram? We hang out there every day, making cakes, thrifting, playing, it really is just dreadfully easy "blogging". makinprojiks)