Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

 After all the prep for the magazine in December I was totally NOT feeling like decorating for another holiday. A few weeks ago the grey grey grey all the days grey blahs got to me and I hauled out some pink. I didn't make the kids school valentines this year either - grabbed some at aldi while buying bread. And it's fine! No heart to heart swap this year for the first time in 11 years (I do miss that one a wee bit). Just low key.

We will eat our favorite indian take out in  between my shuffling kids to and fro from all the things and move onward.

 (Jack top, Sam rainbow, Grant black)

 Jack was too busy crying to cooperate for a photo. Sam was freezing. Grant reports he totally did NOT feel like smiling.
 They are adorable anyway. And I took the pictures anyway. Because time is fleeting.

So. Happy Valentine's day to you and yours!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Flea Market Sundays

Every year in Feb there is a "worlds largest garage sale" event near us. It's not actually large at all, but it always treats me right.  This year was no exception.  I was buying things at a 3 for $x stall and needed a third thing so I randomly grabbed this stork bank. When I got it home I realized gah! It's so cute. It's huge too.

Pots? yes please.
My cake topper collection is growing a little lately. It's a sloooow collection.
My picture does not do this sewing basket justice. It's so nice. It's missing a handle though.
Old contact paper.
I bought a bag stuffed with hankies, but this! Oh this is the best treasure in that Ziploc. It's a scarf.  I want to frame it?
The hankies.
I debated these bunnies because I'd like them to be more colorful. But beistle and cheap, so in the bag.
There are four honeycomb eggs in there. More beistle.
A huge pile of sewing stuff. Needles and pins from England, handmade trims, zippers.
An advertising gem.

Just the trims.
A little widget...
for your scarf.
A vibrant tablecloth.
A duvet cover that will yield LOADS of vintage fabric.

And a stinky pile of vintage fabric (a few feedsack pieces).

Not too shabby!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Super scrappy log cabin

Since I knew I was going to the fabric outlet at the end of January I set out to make a few quilts only from the stash in order to make room for new fabric.  There are a lot of DS quilts prints here. I just kept pulling and pulling until it felt right and then went to town.

After I made the first block I realized I had cut my fabric according to a pattern that did NOT have a center block. It was not the look I was going for, but scrappy is as scrappy does - I went with it.
There were moments when I thought this might be the ugliest thing I had ever made.

It turns out that I LOVE IT! It's so super fun. It turned out way better than I expected.
This print was PERFECT for the binding, but I only had 18 inches of it and this is a huge quilt. I had to cut it 1/2 inch skinnier than I usually would, but again, scrappy is as scrappy does.  The dark color helps ground the brightness a little.

The back is pieced - which I hate doing because it means lining it up (and this is NOT lined up well) - but it used up a bunch of fabric.

Fabric from stash, lots of DS quilts prints
Cotton batting
Cotton couture backing
Finished in Jan 2017
Traditional pattern

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Hello elmo

He eats chocolate peanut butter sandwiches and sings along with Elmo and I notice (with a pang) just how short the preschool years are.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The strangest winter

We are having a strange winter. Warm and grey and dry. Not even a single snowflake has flown from the sky. Sunday morning it was chilly in the morning, but the flea was calling me loud and clear. I'd not been since November (!). It's mostly guns, ammo and camo this time of year, but what the hell, I needed a good walk. 

To my surprise I picked up a quilt (my first since dec 14) and a sweet picture frame. 

This morning it's a bizarre 70 degrees. As soon as we get Sam on the bus I think grant and I will go for a walk. (Sam has been having some health issues. Her eardrum ruptured last week not even twelve hours after the school nurse told her it was fine AND didn't phone me to say she'd been in the clinic. This is an ongoing issue.)

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Flea market finds

This past Saturday Dave and I went to the big garage sale in Springfield again. I was really looking forward to the mental break from the kids (and the world), but Sam woke up burning up with fever so my trip was rushed a bit to get back to her. (It's a LONG drive and she was crying on the phone about wanting mommy.)

I did pick up a few things I really love:

Those are three candle holders and maybe a napkin holder? The napkin thing is dated 1942. I buy the German stuff from a very german woman named Ilsa.  She knows a lot about all of her things and is always happy to talk about them.  She said the candle holders were maybe a little earlier, but also black forest things.
This is a French poster. I think it was a school aid? It has wooden things at the top and bottom for hanging in the classroom.
And a whole gaggle of birds. These ten might have doubled the size of my flock in one swoop!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Grant and 4

Over the past few weeks I've noticed that grant's brain is really starting to kick into overdrive.  Up until now he has been pretty typically "the baby" - not really interested in doing ANYTHING for himself despite my continued insistence on independence.

But then he started writing letters. And the tantrums started to slow down. And now some real growth!  He is studying the book for the lego train, then counting pieces, hunting for them and building on his own! A whole track, a crane, the train.
He also spends a fair amount of time studying my toy sewing machines. This morning he picked up a paintbrush and started to dust them.

The weather the last two days has been warm, so we've been outside.  We were out for two glorious hours yesterday.  After floundering a bit with what to do with himself he went in the garage (which he opened himself!) got out his yard tools and started making a pile of leaves to jump in.

They aren't just flashes of independence though - they are flashes of a little Jack. I am endlessly fascinated by the differences between the kids, but also the moments of similarity.

Other than that I have been hunkered down at home a bit. Making all the quilts (Selling all the quilts), cleaning all the things. The world feels very tenuous right now. Even in the house the quiet somehow feels different.  I don't even know what to do with myself really.  Usually the fluffing and cleaning and making makes me feel centered, but not at the moment.

**In case you do not already know about this resource you can use 5calls.org to find the phone numbers for your representatives in Washington to call about the current state of the world.  I have been unable to get through this morning, but I have been trying to make at least 2 calls a day. They do provide scripts and background on the issues if you need that.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Goodnight moon log cabin baby quilt

Last week I sold off some quilts on FB and insta to help fund some of my charity work. There was a request for a baby quilt for a boy, which I did not have on hand. I did have a ziploc bag of scraps from my other goodnight moon quilts  and this seemed like a good chance to use it up. 
I love love how this turned out! So fun.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Reading and writing

sam's reading level was recently tested as the end of first grade. She is really off and running with reading. The other day she read grant ALL the books in our seasonal book basket. 

Yesterday we took the kids out for dinner and grant blew my socks off when I realized he can write letters. He wanted to spell pirate here. I asked him who taught him that and said that I did, but nope, not me! 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Flea Market Sunday

Yesterday was 70 degrees. We wore shorts. I got a sunburned. The kids complained about being hot.

Flea Market weather!

Old Halloween costumes.
Super cute tablecloth.
And the best score - five of these absolutely amazing Smokey the Bear posters. I am trying to figure out a non damaging, non $$$$ way of hanging them. I'd like to hang three at a time over the fireplace.  The kits that are non damaging are like $20+ each, so that's out.  I thought of the old pants hanger thing, but the ends really want to roll up. The DIY for poster hangers have you glue them in, so that's out.
Back to the drawing board.
Goodness I love the bugs.
And the nest art is so beautiful.

We are home from church, time to sort out the mountains of laundry, the groceries and other blah blah.  Happy Sunday to you!