Friday, August 25, 2006

Blue Friday

It's a blue Friday around here. It is gray and gloomy outside, and for whatever reason, Jack is really struggling with napping. I think I have been in there 20 times times already, and as soon as I leave the room, he is acting terrified. This is despite the fact that he started asking me at 11 am if he could take a nap with Dandy. It doesn't help that I am having problems with him throwing the Dandy out of the crib, and I am still unable to transition him to a toddler bed, where dropping the Dandy would be no big deal.

Apparently, preschool didn't go very well either. It wasn't terrible or anything, but Jack was like a fish out of water. I hope it passes quickly.

To top it all off, it seems like the end of rummage season is upon us. For two weeks now there have been no rummage sales to speak of. I am left with either garage saling (which is too hard with Jack) or the flea market (which doesn't really do it for me these days.) To console myself, I thought I would revisit some of finds this summer. The ornaments were found the week after Christmas in July, $1 for the whole box. I don't find that teardrop shape very often, it looks great on the tree. The quilt is a baby quilt, hand sewn, rummaged for $0.75!!! It is the softest cotton now, after being loved for many years, and the embroidery is in perfect shape. Actually, aside from one small tear on the binding, the whole thing is still pretty perfect.

And, a blue work in progress, a Thomas smock for Jack. I am not sure I like the white binding, but there is no turning back now. I have several sewing projects in various stages of completion, the prize for Alexandra, a project for my Summer Secret Santa, and the smock.

Ah well, here's hoping my "blue" mood passes quickly. (And that Jack does indeed fall asleep sometime today.)


  1. Hope things start looking up soon!


  2. Jack will get the hang of daycare. Kids are so tough and resilient. He;s just a little individual and needs a bit of transition time.


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