Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Liam!

My darling nephew turned 2 this month! (Where has the time gone?)
I made him a cars smock for all his messy little boy jobs...

and a Thomas lovey (and a second one just like it, just in case, one cannot have only one lovey, there could be a lovey tragedy). Jack had a really hard time letting go of both the smock and the lovey. Good thing I have some fabric left over, I have already promised him a treasure of his own. (And the craft list grows!)

The Thomas lovey earned big smiles!

And Jack enjoyed running around and around and around in circles. (Check out those new tennis shoes for school! It's hard to find shoes with laces in a 5.5, in case you were dying to know.)

Happy Second Birthday Liam!

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  1. That smock is really cute! What pattern did you use?

    Are shoes with laces a requirement at Jack's preschool? I'm curious because I'm more than happy to keep Madeline in velcro until she's better at sitting still!


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