Monday, August 07, 2006

A Post It Poet?

By now it is pretty clear to the entire free world that I love magazines, right? So does Jack. Particularly Domino, which comes with an entire page of these post it notes to use to bookmark things you like. While we were rearranging our bedroom, Jack was safely stored on our very, very large bed. (So high he is afraid to climb down!) I turned around to see him and everything else (that is the DVD player in the background) covered in those little post it notes. Toddler art!
We used to have the most lovely neighbors, Calvin and Margaret. Calvin and Margaret have since moved out of the city for the country life (color me envious), but they were the kind of neighbors who would bring us homemade cookies at Christmas, loan us a ladder to clean the gutters, gave us loads of gifts for Jack before he was even here, etc. The first year we lived here, I was admiring these flowers in Margaret's garden. One day she showed up the door with bags of the bulbs dug up from her garden for me! I dutifully planted them, but nothing ever came of them until this year. This year I have some of my very own, in the perfect shade of pink. Oh my, they are awesome, and they smell delicious.
Jack starts one day a week preschool in 2 weeks. I made him some labels for his things, so I don't have to mark on them with black markers. (Of course, his have his proper name on them, this one was for the blog.) I used this Soulemama tutorial . Some details: I used 3/4 inch twill tape, a 32 pt font, and they seem to survive soap and water with only a little smearing. I will be sewing them on instead of ironing them on.


  1. Oooh... I need to try that! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Shanna (SM)10:07 AM

    Gorgeous flowers! What kind are they?

  3. I love the toddler art! He is following in his mom's footsteps! And the flowers are beautiful too.

  4. Jack knows what he likes! He labeled his right ankle not just once, but twice. That's so cute. I'd love to know what he was thinking when he deemed that one spot on his body as THE spot for those stickers.

    I'm looking forward to the pic of your busy box. I tried to find the original version on PB's website, with no luck. Not that I'm obsessed or anything...

  5. I just ordered a batch of name tapes for Sadie. It never even crossed my mind to make them. Again, I am in awe of Crafty Miss Sarah.

  6. kacey, here are some links to some of the versions on

    And here:

  7. Those flowers are beautiful. Do you know what they're called?


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