Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Second verse, same as the first?

Today was the second day of preschool. This time, Jack cried and cried when we left him. I left with a heavy heart. I called to check on him (I hadn't done that the first time.) And, to my surprise, the second verse was not the same as the first! He did the craft, he ate his lunch, he played in the gym with the other kids! I will scan the craft for you when he goes to bed, he really wants to pick it apart, so I have hidden it, because, of course, I want to keep it forever.

Dave had taken the day off so we could spend some time alone together. Of course, we went thrifting. We had a most excellent thrifting morning. More loot than I could have ever imagined! (Sorry for the bad photos, it is very gray and rainy here still, but I couldn't wait to share. I hope you are able to click on them to enlarge them so you can see better detail.)

Vintage feather pillow (I will use the lovely ticking for a sewing project), a rose appliqued bun warmer thing, a pretty rose covered shower curtain, and the most awesome vintage strawberry linen fabric ever! It is perfect for some Japanese style crafting. (You can seee more Japanese crafting here:

Halloween goodies! It is never too early to think about Halloween. The little witch lantern is one of my favorite pieces in our Halloween collection. We spent hours last night searching for my copy of Martha Stewart Halloween , but it is nowhere to be found. Boo.

Some great vintage curtains for Jack's room. They remind me of Marimekko Bo Boo , which I love, but we could never afford.
Some glassware: a great santa cookie jar, a lovely aqua vase that is screaming for some pink roses (hint, hint Dear Husband), a pink ramekin that matches my Target Dinnerware, and some great old jelly jars. You cannot tell in the photo, but the jelly jars are covered with little stars.

And, unbelievably, we bought more than this! A few toys and books for Jack, and some things for Halloween craft projects. I love thrifting! And it is even better with my husband in tow. He must have been a good luck charm today.


  1. I'm really glad to hear that Jack was more involved with the structured activities at his school this week! I totally understand about having to hide away the art projects - who new that it was just as much fun to dismantle them as it was to assemble in the first place?

    The fabric with the trucks and such is wonderful! I found myself dreaming of sewing window treatments today ...

  2. You had a fabulous thrifting day! I just love the curtains for Jack's room! (who is incredibly cute by the way!) And that strawberry fabric is darling. We have similar tastes, I would have picked up many of the same things.

    I am planning to make the pumpkin candy jars from Martha's website. You paint the insides of small jars with orange paint and then do jack-o-lantern faces on the outside with black. Then you make a wire handle and fill with candy. So cute!


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