Thursday, August 17, 2006


Ok, the top photo is Jack's current room. The bottom is my sewing/crafting space. (Which happens to be the messiest room in the house, and I didn't even clean it up for you!)
BUT, I am stuck. For logistical reasons, Jack would be far better off in the sewing room and my sewing stuff better in his (tiny) room. You see, we have wooden floors and creaky doors, and you cannot even cough in the current arrangement without waking him up.
My brain tells me to move him. My heart? Not so much. I am sort of prisoner of nostalgia and indecision. If we move him, we should him let him make some choices, give him the curtains out of all that fabric I have been collecting (for that purpose, I might add). But, but, then he wont have his nursery curtains anymore! And then the paint. Leave it as is? It works beautifully with either vintage sesame street or Thomas. But, but, then his room won't be firefly yellow anymore.

Oh Dear. Is there anyone out there that can unstick me?


  1. Ha! I'm stuck with you! Madeline's room is my favourite room in our house, and I miss just about everything in it (being away and all).

    What about picking the thing that you love the most about Jack's current room and carrying tht over to the new room?

  2. That's so funny, because when I glanced at the pictures I thought "Oh, Jack's room looks so great, I'm jealous!" - and then I read your entry and realized the one I was looking at was actually your sewing room! Changing things like that is always so hard, but once you do it you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

  3. I wish! Yet another one that is having problems as Katrina's crib is in our room now and we've decided to move it into her room in the next few weeks. But, but, but is all that is going through my head. In the end I suppose, we can't keep them "as is" forever and they will grow into their own people and with that comes giving up something that we had decided for them when they couldn't decide for themselves. I keep telling myself that this is a good thing, but it is darn hard for my heart to remember that! The blue will be lovely - it goes with Thomas!


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