Monday, October 09, 2006

Oh my

I couldn't be in a worse mood the past few days. Some family stuff is really getting me down. To console myself, I have spent hours folding old paperback books into pumpkins (and then shoddily trying to fake photoshop out the background.) Directions for the pumpkins can be found in the October Issue of Country Home magazine. (Essentially you just fold the pages and secure the front and back page together after tearing off the cover. I use double sided tape. Then I elmer's glue on faces cut out of scrapbook paper and stick a pipe cleaner stem in the middle.)

Maybe I will feel less grumpy tomorrow...

P.S. Emily, I am thinking of some beginning sewing ideas for you.


  1. Auntie Kristin10:02 PM

    Jack Jack-

    It was wonderful to hear you say "Pumpkin" today! I love you so much! I am going to be working hard this weekend on your birthday present!

    I love you! Kiss mom and dad for me! - But make sure they are big sloppy ones! :)

  2. Sarah, those turned out SO cute! I think I may have to make a couple of those this year. Darling!

  3. Oh no! Sorry you're having a grumpy day (guess I have good company in THAT boat ;) ) but those pumpkins ar etoo cute! I just signed up for a subscription to Country Home, I hope I get the October issue ack!


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