Monday, October 02, 2006

Sewing to the rescue

So, while taking a moment to pour myself a drink this afternoon, Jack locked himself into the bathroom in the dark. I could hear him in there calling out "stuck mama! stuck mama!" but I could NOT get the door to open no matter what I tried. I was moments from breaking the stupid thing down, my baby is locked in there!, when I had the thought to shove my bodkin into the doorknob. It worked like a charm and the door popped right open. Now I will tell everyone that a well stocked sewing room is clearly a household necessity, and not at all a luxury!

Above are the fabrics from that yard sale I mentioned. I bought the whole pile for $8. There are 15 different fabrics in all. Some are small pieces, some are huge (there is 10 yards of that pink on the bottom), most are around 1 yard. Obviously, I was not disappointed.

Jack, sporting his new owl tattoo, sorts through a big tray of buttons. The owl tattoo was the first surprise in the Halloween advent calendar, and he is quite pleased with it. Hoot! Hoot! He says. The buttons were found at a sale last Friday. I happened to have Jack out of the stroller, because we had been en route to a sale in lovely Washington, Missouri, when the highway was closed and we were detoured WELL off the beaten path. I was practically foaming at the mouth because I had been driving and driving with a fidgety toddler and we were nowhere near the sale I had been heading towards in the first place. And then, there it was, a sign from the universe that said "Rummage Sale today." Not at all the sale we had been going to, but, hey, beggars can't be choosers, right?

Anyway, Jack usually heads right for the toy pile, but, he saw these buttons and simply HAD to have them. He searched all over the sale for something to use as a step so he could stand tall enough to sort through them on the table. I bought the tin and all those buttons for 50 cents! He has spent many hours sorting through them since. Of course, there are some lovelies in there I am dying to use, but, until he loses interest in them, the buttons are all his.

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  1. The buttons are awesome! I mentioned on my blog once that there was a fabric store my mom used to take me to that had a sandbox filled with buttons for the kids to play in. I loved it, and I still remember it all these years later! There's just something so soothing about running your hands through piles and piles of buttons!

  2. Oh I love vintage buttons! I have two huge tins that were my grandmother's that I'm going to sort through for the swap. :) And way to go on the fabric! I wish my sewing skills were better but I'm learning!


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