Thursday, January 18, 2007

Do you believe in magic?

One day last week I opened the front door and there was a plastic grocery sack sitting there. I yell to my husband, "What is this bag of stuff here?" He says he doesn't know, he thought it was stuff for freecycle. I bring it inside, open it up and it is filled with old linens.

Again, I ask my husband what it is. (I thought maybe he was trying to be sneaky.) He says, "I have no idea." Me: "Well where did it come from?" Him: "I don't know, I told you I thought it was freecyle. Maybe a freecycler brought it over?" Me: "Dear, freecycle is for giving stuff away. Stuff doesn't magically appear at your house from freecycle." Him: "Maybe one of your blog friends?" Me: "Dear, do people usually mail stuff in unmarked plastic bags?"

I call my Dad. "Dad, did you leave some stuff here for me?" He is notoriously bad at remembering things, and he is always collecting little things here and there for me when he is rehabing houses. Dad says, "I do have some stuff for you, but that didn't come from me."

I try my Grandpa. (This is a long shot). He says not from him either, but, "it might be dangerous, don't mess with it!" Uh huh, Grandpa, dangerous embroidery! LOL

I try my Mother. "Not me, it must have come from the linen fairy." Uh huh, because random people leave nice things on the porch all the time. (Not. They steal from me instead.)

So, I shove it all in the laundry room thinking that certainly one of the neighbors will come to claim it.

A few days ago I was checking the voicemail. "Hi Sarah, it's your Aunt Mary, I left some things on the porch for you last week. I was cleaning out some of my mom's stuff and thought you might like them."

Right, fairies! And I do like them. Thanks Aunt Mary.


  1. Oh that cheeky Aunt Mary! Looks like she left you some lovely linen! You lucky duck.

  2. I like your kind of faeries! Do you think if I believe in the linen faery long enough a nice bag will be left at my doorstep too! :)

  3. A vintage linen fairy! I want one!

  4. No kidding! Forget a fairy godmother, I want a LINEN fairy! :) Neat redwork tea towels!

  5. Wonderful Aunt Mary.

  6. Oh, man! I was getting all excited thinking there was a vintage linens fairy in the area!

    I LOVE that pitcher too!

  7. What a lovely surprise! I want your aunt.


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