Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Freshening up

A few years ago, my husband turned one of these banker's lamps into

this teacup lamp after one of my students broke the glass shade while it was on my desk. I love the lamp, but for a long time I have had a flower covered lamp shade on it, and frankly, it was a disaster as of late. (The cat likes to sleep under the warmth of the lamp on the kitchen counter, and he had knocked off half the flowers as the hot glue had aged.)

The yo-yo's are so much cuter! They do take awhile to make, and the lampshade required about 95 of them. I asked my husband to help me make them, and at first he scoffed. He gave in and started sewing, and then he says "I had better not read about this on the blog." Ha! Silly husband, of course you will read about this on the blog. But, perhaps we should keep that just "between you and I."

One of my goals for January/February is to freshen up the house a bit. We have lived here for 4 years now, and I need to replace things like curtains (holey from cats), lamp shades (burnt from bulbs), towels (can't even tell what color they used to be), and paint (pretty scuffed up from 4 years of wear and tear.)

In case you now need to learn how to make a yo-yo, Heather Bailey has a tutorial here . And, there is a really great giant yo-yo bedspread in the current issue of Cutting Edge magazine, you can see a photo here.


  1. I do think that yo-yos are charming - and I'm loving your lamp!

  2. Oh, that's a wonderful lamp! I will have to try making yo-yos for something one of these days - maybe a little bag for Madeline ...

  3. What a gorgeous, unique lamp. Great use of the yo-yos.

  4. Great lamp! I have been seeing a lot of yo-yos of late & I am thinking that I might have to give them a try now too! I have a sweet little lamp that this might look so cute on! Thanks for the idea!


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