Sunday, January 07, 2007


I'm still here. I am still swamped with trying to put away all this Christmas stuff. It is taking forever and making me feel quite disheartened at the moment. Will I ever see the sewing room floor again???

I did get new kitchen curtains made yesterday, that is something I suppose.

Christmas with Jack was great this year. He loved "taking the paper off" all the presents! He kept shouting out things like "this is fantastic!"

After every gift was opened, we stopped and spent 10 minutes playing with it. It took almost 2 hours to open all the presents, but oh what fun it was!

He isn't wearing his Christmas jammies in the photos because they, along with everything else in his bed, got soaking wet from a diaper leak that night. Since his regular Thomas blanket was in the wash, I tried to cover him up at naptime with a vintage chenille blanket I have thrown over the ottoman in his room. Several times he said to me "mama, where is Thomas?" and, then, the funniest of all, "mama, this is a towel!" I tried to tell him it was a blanket, but he insisted, "mama, this is a TOWEL!" LOL, kids.


  1. LOL at the towel comment! Smart kid. :)

  2. Jack looks so happy and excited! How old is he now? He looks less than 2 years old to me, about 18-20 months? What a great talker he is!

  3. so cute! I love it when they finally get opening the gifts down pat. Its so fun to watch.

  4. Cute as a bug!
    Kids say the darndest things!

  5. Peta, Jack turned 2 in October, so is he was about 26 months old at Christmastime.


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