Thursday, January 11, 2007

I always have so much to say.

Sometimes I could blog every day and still have so much to say that it never *all* gets said here. I seem to be in one of those modes at the moment actually...

The Valentine Wreath. This is still maybe a work in progress. I think I need to add some more of the crepe paper doodads, and some more of the red berry things near the center, where it is still too white. The idea started when I saw this Christmas wreath at Everyday is a Holiday, made by Jennifer Paganelli, of Sis Boom Day Dreams. I really admire people who can put together those scrappy, glittery, vintage creations. (But, I sincerely doubt that I am one of those people, particularly after this wreath experience!)

A bit of a close up. I started with a wire wreath form, wrapped it with a 50 cent garland from the thrift store, and just started piling things on there. Vintage ornaments, vintage plastic stars, my totally awesome glass bead butterflies, vintage valentines, some pearly and glittery floral picks from the craft store, pieces of vintage crepe paper, you name it, I have probably stuck it on there. The letters came from Allsorts. I added glitter to the edges and hung them with the softest vintage silk ribbon.

Ages ago, I bought two of these really beautiful old dust ruffles at an estate sale. They were filthy dirty and SMELLY, SMELLY, SMELLY when I dug them out of a box in the basement. (I think maybe they were destined for the trash.) There are 2 of them, twin sized, and I want to make them into one queen sized ruffle for our bed.

Except, I have no brilliant ideas on how to easily do this. They are really heavy, and it is a LOT of fabric. Ideas?

P.S. Sorry for the lack of natural light, it is still windy, windy here!


  1. I love this wreath. I mean LOVE it !!!! Clarice

  2. I think the wreath is lovely. It would probably look better hanging against a colored wall though, rather than that white door. It would "pop" more, as they say on HGTV!

  3. Okay, you clearly aren't giving yourself enough credit. The wreath is beautiful. Great job!

    Now with the bedskirts. You could use a seam ripper & remove the actual skirt part that hangs down from the flat part that goes across the boxsprings use an old sheet that will fit across a queen boxspring and cut to size leaving a seam allowance, cut and join the skirts so that the are the right size for your bed and then attach to the sheet and voila! New bed skirt. Was this clear at all? I just woke up and have had NO coffee! Jen

  4. I think you did a great job with the wreath!!

  5. Your wreath is absolutely gorgeous!

    And I am so excited about the link that you provided for Jennifer Paganelli. She is the sister of a friend of mine, so I am always very interested in her - and I didn't know she had a blog! Thanks so much...

  6. Mrs. Holter-Hovind5:01 AM

    I am just visiting for the first time today having hopped over from Clarices blog. I love your wreath. With the bedskirt, I would take a quick and easy approach. Assuming that they are actually a pair...

    Find the exact width of you mattress, divide it in half and measure in from the outer corners of each skirt. Add a couple of inches for a seam allowance and cut up the skirts. This leaves you with two halves to be joined ideally with a french seam. This way avoids having to unpick and re-attach the skirts ruffle. I hope that made sense! Gill.

  7. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Hi, Sarah. I've been reading your blog for about a month now, and I love it! I, too, went to Allsorts a few days ago to print out those fabulous letters for a Valentine's garland. I still have to tinker aroudn with my darn printer, but I can't wait to glitter up those edges! Your wreath is darling. I love what SisBoom does, but I also like things a bit more understated, so I think your wreath is perfect.

    Leah at

  8. This is gorgeous, and your thrifty treasures are fab!! I cant find anything pink & brown either- but man...if i had known before I saw lots of great stuff before Christmas!LOL

  9. 'Love your wreath, love your blog!! Nice to meet you!


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