Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Now I know my ABC's

I am so excited about this! Jack has recently been showing a lot of interest in learning about the alphabet. So I have been spending a lot of time with him lately talking, singing and otherwise learning about letters. This morning he made it all the way through the alphabet from letters A-K, then picked up a few more around R & S, and his favorite, Y & Z. We are almost halfway there! For a former schoolteacher, this feels like a real accomplishment, since it seems like the very first thing I have really set out to "teach" Jack.

Along the way we have been listening to Sesame Street Sing the Alphabet (thrifted, of course) and They Might Be Giants Here Come the ABC's (Jack's favorite is Go for G). We also have TMBG on DVD. As you can see from the fridge in the background, we have plenty of magnetic letters, and we get a fair amount of use out of Leap Pad Fridge Phonics also.

There is currently a little "commercial" running on PBS in the morning that features TMBG singing something entirely different from the ABC stuff, and this morning when Jack saw/heard that he yelled out "go, go, go, go for G!" Amazing that at only a little over 2 years old, his recognition of a particular band is already kicking in.

"Now I know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me..."

P.S. I have gone back through the last month or so worth of posts and answered questions in the comments section, in case there is something you have asked me and I haven't answered it yet!


  1. Ah, Jack's definitely a TMBG fan, then :)

  2. I almost bought the TMBG CD, but wasn't sure Ellie would like it. May have to give it a try. We do have the Sesame Street one. Ellie loves "la, la, la, linoleum" LOL

  3. Young Jack has excellent taste - TMBG has long been one of my faves....

  4. I will definitely have to check out those CDs. We have a Wee Sing one to listen to in the car and Maren LOVES it but I think if I have to listen to it one more time, it may go out the window!

    I love that big pan you have on your counter with the buttons--I have a muffin tin just like it hanging on my kitchen wall, and I found 2 heart-shaped pans like it that I'll use to decorate for Valentine's!

  5. we have started talking more about letters with both boys - I think we'll work on one letter a week and move on when they've got it. they like the song and the fridgephonics, too. i keep forgetting about TMBG! i'll have to check that out.
    (tagged you today!)

  6. TMBG fans here too. Check out the Letter of the Week website (it comes up in google). It has some really great ideas for teaching letters and their respective sounds.

  7. I am a Sarah with an Anderson; age 2 1/2, and he too is a HUGE TMBG fan! he walks around singing "Q-U"... too cute!

    I love your blog!


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