Monday, January 08, 2007

Thrift Serendipity

I had a moment to spare, so I was busy trolling blogs. Imagine my surprise when I saw the most recent post at Vaxgirl . In that second photo there is the thrift shop I bought my big white vintage Christmas tree at!

It is a rather funny story actually. I was in Daytona for Bike Week , and while we were riding by on the motorcycle, I saw the tree in the window of the thrift store and shouted that we had to turn around now!

It was only $15, so I bought it immediately. Except, that, umm, well, how is one supposed to get a huge Christmas tree back home to Clearwater on a motorcycle??? We wrapped it in trash bags, went to the nearest UPS store, and mailed it home. (It cost $50 to mail the darn thing!)

Ahh, those were the days. Bike week is awesome. (And I bet that more than one of you is thinking, "Sarah at Bike Week? Like on the back of a motorcycle?" and trying to reconcile that with all of my sparkly pink fluffiness. LOL)

In other blog news, it is National De-Lurking week, at least according to The Paper Napkin. Come on, you know you wanna do it. Click on that leave a comment link wherever you go this week!


  1. Hi!
    Eeek, you caught me lurking... have a happy week!

  2. O.K. Hi, Sarah! I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. National De- lurking Week - brilliant idea!

  4. I'm not a lurker, but it's always nice to say hi to my dear Sarah!

  5. delurking....

    have a great day!

  6. That is too funny, what a small world! Your eyes must be super sharp to spot something in the window of a shop in a strip mall! Even with the shipping $65.00 total seems like a good deal.

  7. I like the image of a big white tree tied on the back of a motorcycle speeding down the road. It almost sounds like it could be a Harley ornament or something!

  8. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I can tell right now I'm going to love your blog and be back often. Such cute little gems you've made!


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