Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Today is Friday."

Well, not really, it is Wednesday. But, on school days, Jack always says "Today is Friday" in the car on the way to school. (The days of the week train has obviously helped lessen his anxiety about when he is going to school, but he hasn't quite memorized the days of the week yet.)

He seems to be doing very well now that the first few weeks are behind us. He doesn't cry when I leave him there, and he comes with tales of big fish every Wednesday. He is really at a great age. He was running around the house yesterday chasing the cat yelling "Wait for me! Wait for me!"

Of course, no Jack means I am out junking. I went to an estate sale this morning for the first time in ages. The woman was a school teacher, and there were 1,000s of old Holiday decorations. It was really hard to choose which ones to bring home with the small amount of cash in my pocket. This HUGE Halloween cat is my favorite. And no way is he going on Ebay, even though he would bring $$$$$.

Last week my husband called and said he was going to a book sale, did I want anything? Old Martha magazines, I said. And he delivered! Look at them all.

And look at the lovely box that Leigh Ann from The Pink Kitchen sent us to celebrate her 100th post! Thank you Leigh Ann. I left the paper on the candies so that Jack can have a little surprise after school. :-)

We will draw a name for the tablecloths on Friday, so get your name on there if you want in!


  1. I totally buy old Martha's too! Aren't we like two dorky peas in a pod? :) I'm coming up close to my 100th post (shows you how much I don't post lately huh?) and I think I'll do a little give away, too. Something pink and brown perhaps? :) And what's this about table cloths? I'm so out of the freakin' loop.

  2. I remember that Martha! I am kicking myself for thowing my old ones away. I have bought them since high school and would have had most of them! But of course, there really isn't anywhere to put them!

  3. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Hey! Thanks for introducing me to your blog :) You've scored some Sweeeeet stuff in your "chopping-ventures!"

    You know what's kinda sad/crazy/scarey is I see what bloggers are collecting, so I pick it up if I run across it at a thrift store (if it's cheap enough) thinking "oh, maybe they would want this one!" and then duh... I forget which blog it was. You know you're addicted to thrifting when you're buying for people you don't even know!! LMAO!

    Oh, anyways... I love your halloween goody! Lucky you!!!

  4. I also love the old martha stewart mags and pick them up whenever I see them on sale, and oh to be able to go to estate sales again. Thank you for sharing.

  5. If my husband want to get me the sweetest thing... bring me home a magazine!!!
    I love finding a whole years worth of magazines at yard sales!! Especially Martha's, Southern Living, Country Home, Country Cottage... oh I could go on... cuz I love magazines!!!

  6. Us thrifters are all alike, I just picked up about 30 magazines for 10 cents each, most were cooking magazines primarily Southern Living, but heck, for 10 cents each, what's not to like!

    Great package from your blog friend, how sweet!!! Giving me ideas for 100th post which will be ohhh about April the way I'm going :)



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