Sunday, March 18, 2007

Flea Market Sundays

The flea market this week was sparse because it was cold! cold! Temperatures were in the 30's and it was windy. We braved it anyway, with hats and mittens on. Sometimes the best treasures are found when it is cold and empty. Who could resist that cute bunny with Easter quickly approaching?
And ornaments always make my day. (P.S. I see you there!)
But this was definitely the best find of the day. And it's big! Usually I just pass them by because I can never afford them. I had a little extra cash in my pocket from selling Jack's outgrown stuff on Craigslist, and by the second time I walked by this I decided it was worth asking the price. $15? Sold! I am trying to decide if I want to do something about the rust, or if I like it just how it is. Usually I end up leaving things just as I bought them...


  1. How cool! It's a chalkboard, right? Where are you going to hang it? I think you got a great deal on it.

  2. I was wondering what that was too. A chalkboard? Cool!

  3. Anonymous8:11 AM

    That's good stuff!! And I think rust should be part of everyone's decor. As should dust. Heh heh!

    You know, I have never ever ever found ornaments! Not glass ones anyway. How weird.

  4. carolyn3:14 PM

    "Toast" is as cute as you bunny....

  5. I love the days where you can thrift in peace!! You walked away with some great deals, love the character of the chalkboard. I'd keep it the way you found it!


  6. I always keep things the same, too. Probably timing - just rather do something else with my time. Plus it adds more character.

    Cheers! LA

  7. Yeah,I'd keep it as is! It is chalkboard right? Love that bunny,and as always the ornys are my fave!


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