Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"Makin' Projik"

I am currently working on this Fresh Tradition Doll Quilt . In fact, I should be binding it right now while Jack is at school, but instead, I am sitting here like a lump. Jack was up and down all night long, and it wears me right out.

As you can see, I have some piecing problems. And I am not really sure why. Maybe it was too complicated for a beginner, maybe I am sewing incompetent, maybe I am missing some secret cutting/piecing tricks? I have soldiered onward regardless of the mistakes. Any tips, hints, tricks, etc are welcome.

(I also happen to think the pattern is a bit dodgy, since it doesn't mention the numbers for seam allowances and so forth. It leaves me doing quite a bit of unwelcome math.)
This morning Jack decided that he would work on the quilt also. "I makin' projik! 7,8,9."
"I find a square! 3, 4, 5."
Oh wait, maybe we are playing peek-a-boo! "I see you!" This was followed by "Put the camera down mommy. Down here. Right now. Put the camera down."

Aye, aye, aye. Kids!


  1. Funny, my son kept me up all night too! Isnt it nice when they do that? i think the quilt looks great.

  2. I love that!! So springy and pretty!

    And I don't see any piecing errors that matter. Everything can't be absolutely perfectly exact or it lacks humanity.

  3. What cute pictures of Jack! He's so expressive, I love it!

  4. They're ganging up on us! LOL Hope you got a little rest in while Jack was at school. I think your little quilt is pretty! Love those spring colors.

  5. What a cute quilt! And super-cute pictures of Jack, he's a doll!

  6. Golly he's a cutie! I am amazed at the things you do get done!

  7. The quilt looks great Sarah. I've been quilting for years and always struggle to get my pieces lined up. Someone said part of the beauty of something handmade is in the imperfections. (Or somethingsheipiz to that effect.)

  8. Oh,yes I get a lot of "put the camera down,Mommy" too!

  9. That's one cutie of a helper you've got there!


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