Monday, March 12, 2007

Stop and Smell the Tulips?

My cup is totally overflowing with goodness right now. I seriously could have shown you 10 different awesome things in today's post. Instead, I want to enjoy Jack stopping to smell the "roses" for the very first time. Even though he is almost 2 and 1/2 now, everything is brand new to him this year. He is really discovering the world with a whole new set of eyes and ears and big vocabulary to really convey what is in his head!
Plus, you get a behind the scenes peek at setting up for a photo shoot around here!
Discovering that the petals are soft, and that there is pollen inside the petals.
Discovering that they don't smell particularly like anything, and making sure to tell mama to smell them too!
The photo that would have likely been the only one on the blog, if I had tried to take photos while Jack was napping. I am so glad I didn't!


  1. That's so nice - I really like the pictures of the event unfolding. I was just thinking yesterday that this summer will be so different for Katrina than last summer and this is the way it will be for a long time, no? Kids - what fun!

  2. Anonymous2:22 PM

    thanks for stopping by my blog...LOOOOOOOOVE yours! maybe i've been here before, but i forgot. : ) blessings!

  3. leslie1:29 PM

    your new banner is beautiful and it was fun to watch the process of photographing it, lovely!

  4. I was admiring the new banner and then saw this post. So adorable! I think age two and a half to three and a half is when you re-fall in love with your child. So much is new and fun and adorable. Then they get sassy and hormonal for awhile. That isn't as much fun.

    Enjoy! LA

  5. Love the new banner and back story. What a cute boy you have :). Enjoy it while you can. Mine is almost seven and firmly in the "butt joke" phase.

  6. fossage3:28 PM

    they're so gorgeous! So gentle but so lovely with the bright green stems


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