Thursday, March 08, 2007


Some weeks run so much more smoothly than others. I feel like I have plenty of time to do the things I need to do and the things I want to do. This has not been one of those weeks. (Or maybe even months.) I feel like the calendar is overflowing, and I am trying to do 10 things at once. You know the drill the right? Sew on the quilt binding, make dinner, entertain Jack and tutor the neighbor kids, all between 5 and 5 15 pm.

Today's fun included dental appointments, where Jack got his first tooth cleaning. Our dentist is great, and she let him sit on my lap, so he did pretty well. (It helps that he was completely enamored with her little pot of tooth polish.)

Anyway, I am ready for life to slow down a bit!

I am almost embarrassed to say how many photos I took of this last quilt before settling on this. I couldn't get the light right, I couldn't think of a creative display, blah blah blah. There she is in all her crooked glory. (Binding sewn on while teaching geologic time scales, lol.) I think the key may be to make the squares larger than needed, then to cut them down and piece them together.
And, for fun, an Irish Lad
And an Irish Lassie. Picked up at that estate sale where I bought the big Halloween cat.


  1. Hope you start to feel caught up this month! Though it looks like you are making plenty of craft progress to me!

  2. word!the adorable-ness that is the lad and lassie! I too am looking forward to a couple of weeks from now when things SHOULD begin to slowdown.

  3. I agree with Jennifer, despite feeling like your on a rollercoaster, you are getting a lot done! Don't be so hard on yourself, and if it doesn't get all won't be the end of the world **Jack does need to eat though*** LOL :)


  4. I love the quilt and your Irish couple is so cute! I hope your month gets better and I'm happy to hear that Jack did so well at his dentist apt. It reminds me that I really should be pushing to get Katrina into the whole teeth thing.

  5. The quilt turned out adorable. Maybe I need to be making a doll quilt!

  6. melissa8:06 PM

    sweet little quilt- well done!
    I hope things start to feel calmer around your place soon.

  7. Such a wonderful quilt!!! and i just love the Lad and Lassie (lucky find)!! It seems that there is never enough time to finish all that I want to. It's good to know that others sometimes feel the same. Hope you have more time next week!!!

  8. I am impressed with what you accomplish despite your busy-ness! And thanks for the heads up on my blogger troubles, I think I have it sorted out now! I really love the quilt.

  9. The quilt is gorgeous! A little crookedness adds to the charm.

  10. The quilt is charming. I love it! I'm enjoying watching you doing quilts. Maybe I'll try one out down the road.

    The lad and lassie are so sweet. I'm looking forward to corned beef and cabbage this week. Yum!

    I think spring brings great busy-ness. I've been feeling it, too.

    Cheers! LA

  11. I thought boys in skirts was only for Scotland. I had no idea it was ok in Ireland too!

    I love that little quilt. It looks "loved in" already. Perfect.

  12. Look'n good from where I stand!


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