Monday, March 05, 2007


Some tiny crocuses popped up in the yard. It is gorgeously warm (almost 60!) today. Jack and I went to the park. Some highlights included:

Him throwing everything that was in his hands onto the floor of the car when he realized we were going to the park and exclaiming, "we are going to the wheeeeeeee!" while pointing to the slide

Laying on the warm recycled rubber ground and looking up at the sky

"Follow me mommy! Follow me!"

"Let's look at the birds mommy! There's a bird over there mommy! Let's get the birds mommy!"

Investigating our shadows, the bark on a tree, a slug on his pants, and sticks, of course

Oh, glorious spring.


  1. what a great morning! It's warm warm warm here today too!! Not cold, not hot, just perfectly warm and sunny. It feels so gooooood! We're eating ice cream cone cupcakes, taking a 'slow' school day, and opening all the windows!!

    I hope the rest of your week is just as lovely :D

  2. Wow, you make me really wish it was spring here. It sounds like you had a lovely day!

  3. Gorgeous spring flowers and it sounds as if you and Jack were really enjoying the spring sunshine.

  4. It was nice here today, too! Almost 60 degrees so we went on a walk. I'm SO done with stupid winter! No pretty little crocuses yet, but hopefully soon!

  5. Oooh, makes me wish I had gotten my crocuses planted last fall!
    Sounds like you had fun!

  6. Jack sounds like a super little companion! It's sooo cold here, I can't imagine ANYTHING grpwing out of the cold, hard ground here! Your crocuses give me hope.

  7. Oh how I wish spring would visit me already! We had a tease last weekend, but now it's 30 outside again. :(

  8. I love watching the first buds of spring pop up in the yard. I'm living in a new place now, so time to start planting for this summer and onward. I'll miss all the lily's and other goodies I had at my other place but looking forward to the adventure of beginning again here.

    I love the excitement Jack has at the world around him. Children are so precious, especially when they are young and discovering things for the first time :)

  9. When I lived in NJ, some years more than others Spring felt like a prison furlow! Now that I live in CA, Spring is actually colder than winter. Weird right?! We have June Gloom which pretty much happens in May and is when the fog rolls in from the Pacific and makes everything damp and chilly. It's so great how kids can just embrace all the simple joys!

  10. signs of spring - lovely!
    my boys love the park so much too, its all good fun!!


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