Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wiped out

Oh my. What a day. I am too tired to think really. 2 Craiglist pick-ups, one big train show, stuck in parade traffic, one thrift store, trains, trains and more trains. Oh yea, and a little snow.
One cute thrifted bracelet.
More Japanese paper houses, bought in a giant box of train stuff from Craigslist.
And one more finished quilt, that I am totally NOT feeling the love for. Those strips were supposed to be cloud-like in the sky, ocean-like at the bottom, and some sand on the very bottom. Too modern for me? Too blah period? More than once I have considered circular filing it.

Oh yea, and 3 not great pictures. Pfffft. "The sun'll come out tomorrow..."


  1. Love the houses!

    And the quilt gets my vote (love it!) as well!

  2. LOVE those little houses!! They're gonna be marvelous once you've had your way with them.

    I'm liking the quilt. What are you planning to do with all these little quilts?

    That *barely* counts as snow. Those fluffy flakes were floating around so slowly that we couldn't help but make fun of them. We decided it looked like a Splenda commercial.

    It's supposed to be in the 80s by the end of the week.

  3. Love that little bracelet! Very kitschy. And the houses--you'll do something marvelous with them, I'm sure!

  4. Sarah,

    Don't file the quilt:) I think it's really pretty! I love the fabric with the birds on it!

    You have had some great find lately!
    Don't let a little snow keep you from the hunt ;)


  5. Ohh wonderful bracelet. Both my father and I were born in San Fransiso. great find !! Clarice

  6. I think I have that same set of houses,I lucked out at a rainy yard sale 2 summers ago,they were in an old box from Target(I thought possibly 70's)there was no barcode,just a Target price tag.I can't remember what I paid,but it was around a dollar,because I didn't have much cash and got a few other goodies too,at that sale.


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