Monday, April 02, 2007


In trying to make my little blog here a little easier to navigate, I thought I would try and answer a few questions that often come up and then I will add a link to the post in my sidebar for future reference.

How do I clean my vintage linens?
I prefer oxiclean and hot, hot water. It may take several soakings, but it usually gets the job done. I also have spray & wash, clorox bleach pens, rit color remover and 20 mule team Borax in my laundry arsenal. Keep in mind that you should never use Oxiclean on linens that have gold paint and/or dye. It will eat giant holes in it. Also, I am ok with stains. Life isn't perfect!

How can I change my blog banner or customize my blog?
My favorite resource is Blogatech , but there is also a no nonsense post A Strikke. If all else fails try Blogger Forum . The hardest part is resizing the photo, once you have that done you are golden.

How do I find all of the swaps I do?
If you see something you like here, email me! If you see something you like elsewhere, email the blogger! Most bloggers are more than happy to do a trade/swap/or sell.

Will I consider posting what I have paid for secondhand items?
Occassionally I do post what I have paid for an item, but more often than not, I don't. I will be happy to tell you though if you email me. There are a million reasons why I prefer to keep that stuff private, but don't take it personally! In general, I am very thrifty about my purchases, but I am willing to splurge once in awhile on things I really love.

How did I learn to sew and what resources do I recommend for beginners?
I am mostly self taught, aside from those junior high school home ec classes I think we were all subjected to. I recommend a good sewing machine (mine is the Huskystar C20), because a cruddy sewing machine will only leave you frustrated and quitting. In the beginning I referred to the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing when I needed help. Start with something you really love, but that isn't too difficult. If you don't like it chances are you won't finish it. And don't be afraid to ask questions!

I need help finding something on your blog! My blog is google-able, so if you enter whatever you are looking for plus the words "mama jack", it should turn up the post. Need to see my lamp shade? Google "mama jack patchwork lampshade".

What is your email address?

Need to know anything else?
Just ask!


  1. Thank you for the info on cleaning vintage linens, I have a bunch here that I was afraid I would wreck if I tried to clean them. Will give the Oxyclean a try, I have heard several people mention it lately.

  2. Hi just trying to catch up with you, looks like you have had some fantastic finds lately.

  3. Too funny you should post this, I was just going to email you and ask how I should wash my 'new' vintage pillowcase finds! Thanks!

  4. Great post! Lots of good advice. Thanks for sharing!

  5. The nap mat cover is so cute. I would love to a few for my children graduating from my daycare. Where exactly did you find the pattern?

  6. Fossage2:40 PM

    are those tullips in you banner - the pink flowers. They're beautiful.

  7. Hi I love your banner and I see you use Blogger. How the heck do you customize your top and sides on your blog? I have yet to figure it out. I still am using one of their templates and it drives me crazy. thanks Sara! cherry

  8. Wonderful blog! I'm trying to find your tutorial on the patchy lampshade. Help!!!


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