Friday, April 20, 2007

Quick and Dirty

Jack and I have been watching a robin build her nest very close to our patio door. When she was away eating a few days ago, I climbed (Yes, I had to climb, hence the funny angle!) up and took a picture so I could see how many eggs she had in there. Aren't they gorgeous? Whenever we see her return to the nest Jack always says "look her baby eggs!" Too sweet.
A quick fabric flower ornament tutorial. You should be able to click the picture to see it better.

Step 1: Select a flower image to use as a pattern. I always do a google search for clipart, in this case "flower clip art". I didn't bother printing this one out, it was so simple, I just put a piece of cardstock over the monitor and traced it and then cut it out.
Step 2: Cut out the flowers. I did mine two at a time. If your fabric has been pre-washed you are going to need to starch it first. If it hasn't been washed, the sizing already in it should be sufficient.
Step 3: Put your flowers together. I used 2 different patterns for each flower, and just rotated the front flower a bit so the back one is peeking out.
Step 4: Add a button center. Remember to choose lightweight buttons or the flowers will hang funny.
Step 5: Hang them. I used christmas ornament hooks, but this was tedious. You could sew on a ribbon loop, or just add a thread loop as you are tying off the button threads. Just remember to fidget with the weight of the flower and your hanging method so that it will hang straight and not just flop over. (i.e. If you use ribbon you will need to attach it at the top of the flower and not at the center.)

Et viola! Your very own fabric flower ornaments.


  1. What a wonderful welcome to the spring - I hope you guys can continue to post pics when the birds hatch!

  2. I'm not sure I've ever seen a nicer robin's egg picture!

    Oooh - that blue. So dreamy...

  3. Thank you Sarah, I think the girls would love doing these. Have a yummy weekend Clarice

  4. Your flowers are wonderful!

    And that nest picture is fabulous. They are such a pretty, bright blue that they look like candy!

  5. Great photo of the bird eggs. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm so "beginner" that I appreciate them even for basic things.

  6. Those eggs are beautiful! We have a momma bird on our front porch and I keep meaning to climb up there to see what's in there. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Last year the same nest produced 4 little birds and they were so cute!

  7. aren't Robin eggs just the sweetest?

  8. I am so glad that you were able to take a photo....last spring we had a robin's nest on the deck in plain view, and I didn't document any of the process with photos. I am still kicking myself. It was such a beautiful process to watch with my boys. I was also pregnant with my little girl at the time and I nearly cried when I watched the mama feeding her little babies.
    The eggs is such a brilliant color. Enjoy your little bird family!

  9. Oh, we had a robin nest we watched last year. But non this year. Thanks for the gorgeous photo!!! Dont you just love that color?


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