Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Not too "cosciting"

Right now Jack says everything is "cosciting", a.k.a. exciting. Really though, there is nothing terribly exciting going on around here these days.Well, aside from the fact that I had to upgrade my Internet Explorer to version 7 instead of 6, and now the font on every single page is wrong and I cannot work out how to make it go back to normal. I remember checking some box during the install that said something along the lines of "click this for optimal viewing" and I wish I hadn't clicked it. Anyone know how to change that setting?
I made this little file box to take on the trip to the 127 sale. A place to keep wish lists, measurements, the measuring tape, fabric swatches, business cards, etc. I am planning on trying to keep track of how many sales we stop at and what we buy at each. Good luck to me on that one. LOL

The base notecard holder came from Target. They have a whole line of Kraft paper brown office supply stuff that is excellent for altering. The bird paper is actually a file folder, also from Target. Ribbons, flowers, etc. are from the stash. (And yes, I have hardly touched a fabric project in months. I have one brewing but I am stalled.)
I picked up this tablecloth over the weekend. It was brown, brown, brown with filth. When I bought it the old guy actually said to me, "do you think you can get that white again?" I replied, "I have no idea but it is worth trying." And try I did. I did hot water oxiclean soaks, I tried Clorox 2 for colors, I tried Spray N Wash. That filth was not budging.

I was starting to think it was covered in rust, because rust is about the only thing that doesn't budge with lots of stain removers. (Other than paint.) So, I got out the bleach pen to do a test spot. If it was rust, it wouldn't be affected by the bleach. Sure enough, 10 minutes later the bleach pen spot was pure white. So, I have spent every Jack free minute of the last 2 days covering every single inch of it ever so delicately with the bleach pen. (Well, pens, it took 4 of them.) It was worth it. It is gorgeous.
Jack and I have been reading "the book of Jack," a.k.a. all the photo albums containing his life. He is fascinated by this and he will ask me to do it over and over again. Those 5 books hold it all, birth*, first baths, learning to sit, learning to use a spoon, learning to stand, learning to walk, learning to color, learning to ride the trike and so much more. It's a nice visit for me too.

*Well, we really only have 2 photos of him right after he was born. I was sorta too busy to take pictures. :-)


  1. Oh, I love bleach pens. I should buy stock in them. Actually, I love bleach in general, too, but there's something great about using it on spots when you can't bleach the whole thing.

    Your tablecloth looks beautiful. It was worth the effort.

  2. That tablecloth is hideous!! I think you need to pack it up and ship it off to me IMMEDIATELY! I will properly dispose of it. ;)

  3. Whaddya mean "Not to "cosciting""? I'd say getting that tablecloth sparkly is pretty darn COSCITING! Wow -- what tedious work -- it turned out beautifully. I always forget that you can use bleach pens on fabric. I use them for cleaning the grout on my countertops. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Isn't it fun looking at photos? It's amazing how soon I forget so many little things. It's a special treat when we pull out the albums.

  5. That tablecloth is fabulous! I can't even believe you did that all with a bleach pen though - you have way more patience than I do!

  6. the 127 sale sounds fantastic! I hope you have loads of fun.

    I love that tablecloth. you are much more persistent at trying to clean it than I would ever be.

  7. Yeah for bleach pens! I have to go to Costco and stock up. One of the dollar tablecloths I got has stains and I would never have thought to use a bleach pen! Brilliant!

  8. i think it may just be this time of year. noone has anything terrifically exciting going on. the tablecloth is glorious. the hard work makes it even better!

  9. You have some amazing patience! I have a tablecloth that has a brownish stain that oxiclean didn't clean. I am going to have to try a bleach pen.

  10. Wow! The table cloth is fabulous! I really like your bird file, too, and the notebooks you made also. I have never done an altered book. I really need to give it a try I think. :) How cosciting!

  11. I love the bird file! So lovely:)

    The tablecloth looks lovely too! That is quite a few bleach pens:) (And quite a bit of patience!)

  12. i can't believe you took a bleach pen to an entire tablecloth!
    something i'd never have the patience to do - but then i wouldn't have the gorgeous end result, either!
    very pretty.

  13. Love the tablecloth!

    Your blog is awesome!


  14. tammyCA9:04 PM

    I was just browsing new blogs & came across yours & I have to congratulate you for restoring that vintage table cloth! Wow! What a lot of work that must have been & it is indeed a real beauty...I have a small collection of tableclothes so I know that one would be in high demand. Good for you. :)


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