Thursday, November 15, 2007

3 is the new 2

Gah. Jack is driving me crazy today. This number 3 business is a lot more challenging than being number 2. requires arguing right now apparently. And messes. Oh my, the messes. Food everywhere, milk spilled constantly, toys constantly underfoot, refusal to wear clothes. And if I have to hear "No!" or "What?" one more time.

I am going to need a vacation to Aruba soon.
For the past week or so the weather was crazy warm, so we played outside in the leaves for a few days. That was fun. Now we are back to reality and the cold weather.
My current WIP. I realized at about 6 pm last night that Project Runway was premiering and I needed a project to work on while I watched it. Watching that show gives me an intense urge to make something, anything.

Did anyone else watch? I loved Heidi and her line about that terrible blue dress, "It looks like the model is poo'ing fabric." LOL

Maybe Heidi could come entertain me while I clean up spilled milk?


  1. Three is a challenging time. So is four. And five. And ...

    I love your fabrics. In fact, I have both, too.

  2. I've got to start watching that show. Seems everyone is!
    I know what you mean about the mess starting at 3! I have just about given up on keeping this place tidy. (not really- cause it seriously bugs me!)

  3. Oh dear they have their moments don't they, don't worry it's just a passing phase!

  4. I can't hear that, Sarah! This 2 business is horrible so far-- just in 3 days. My favorite is when she can't do something, she throws whatever her object of frustration is. Lovvvvely.

    Well, may the force be with you. And your WIP is very pretty. What will it be? xo

  5. We laughed so hard when Heidi said that! You can tell she's a woman with small children. :)

  6. ohmygoodness please don't tell me 3 is more challenging than 2. Isaiah's not even 2 yet and he's already driving me crazy. Milk on the floor, pulling all my shoes off my shelf, toys everywhere. ugh, I can totally relate.

    Anyway.. I loved project runway. It always gets my creative juices flowing.

  7. Project Runway did not disappoint. I'm sill without a favorite designer but I'm liking what I see.
    The throttling three's, ah yes. Well, I won't spoil it for you and tell you about adolesence. I'm just sayin...enjoy three.

  8. Three is definitely a challenging time - they can be so headstrong (and messy!!!!). It all gets easier eventually - like when they go off to college. :)

    So what's your WIP going to be? Great fabric choices, by the way.

  9. Jennifer6:21 PM

    Maybe it's something in the air or the Midwest water right now. We're having BIG issues at our house this week too. I don't know about you, but I just can't wait for the current phase to pass.

    Hang in there. You've been at this long enough to know that this too shall pass.


  10. Aah, three...definitely challenging. {It's really the 'terrible 18 months - three years old', not just 'terrible twos'. They just don't tell you that.} ;)

    I love the fabric on your current project. What are you making? :)

  11. Oh my gosh, you just reminded me of the "What?" "What?" "What?" Are you hard of hearing dear??? How maddening! Now that Ella is almost 4 every statement she makes ends with "right mommy?" and every question she asks she repeats even after I've answered it. Now my 2 year old Miles does the same thing. I hope he gets it out of his system now.

    The good news for you (I hope) is that the "What?" "What?" "What?" phase seems to have passed around here. Hopefully it will pass soon there too! My daughter is getting neater too. My son, still messy.

    Does your son suddenly get really aggressive for no reason? This behavior is really bothering me. I don't know if it is normal or not. For one thing, my beautiful wooden kitchen table has fork stab marks in it, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! But stabbing a fork in a table repeatedly is so much fun, apparently.

  12. Three is full of talking, talking and more talking. Questions, questions and more questions. Oh, and lots of feet stomping and eye rolling. At 3!!! Can I go to Aruba too?

  13. But he's so, so, so cute!

    Oh, Project Runway! I love that show. And yes, it does inspire me as well. :D

  14. Yes, 3 is a challenge. I find it is harder with my son than with my oldest girl. But then my youngest is breaking all the rules, so I am not sure. I need to start watching that show also. I like Heidi Klum.

  15. Oh my yes! I so hear you on the messes and the what and the no! lol!

    Love PR! One of my faves. Looks like it will be interesting this season!

  16. I think it must be the time change, or change of seasons or something, My little guy us giving me a run for my money lately. Boy is he naughty!

    Good luck. I think I need to check out project runway, I have never watched it.

  17. 3 AND 4 is about arguing,toys underfoot,and constant costume changes that generally involve only the upper portion of the outfit!
    I am a PR devotee(have been since its premiere in season 1),I take it entirely too serious! ...but my sis and my oldest babe and I revel in it and are forever running it down! I'm sure I will go on and on about it each week.

  18. dude, the quilt is looking awesome! nice work!

  19. How can that adorable angel cause so much grief...and possibly more gray hair? LOL! I'm just teasing you. But look at that face? Simply adorable!
    I love your wip! I can't wait to see the whole thing.
    Totally missed the show. I'm hoping they'll show it again.

  20. I LOVE Heidi- funny down to earth and a class act. Great first show don't you think?
    PS-Hang in there with the little one! "What??" "No!"

  21. But look how precious he is. Enjoy it! I'm getting together with crafy friends today & we're going to make your bottle-brush trees - wish me luck! Happy weekend...

  22. Three yes is challenging!! But it gets easier. The things he says and does will soon crack you up. My son was working with his speech therapist the other day she was trying to get him to keep his tongue behind his teeth when sounding. these were his exact words. "Miss Lindsey I am TRYING
    but my tongue is too big to fit in my mouth!!!
    I forgot Runway started oh I missed it~~~


  23. Great post title! Every age has it's challenges and rewards... One thing I know is that you blink your eyes and it's a new phase--I keep thinking we're closer to 3 but we're turning 12 and 9! It goes by way too fast! xo-Mel

  24. oh no oh no oh no...
    i have a duo about to turn 3 and was beginning to think things might become... dare i say... more manageable?!?!?

  25. leslie7:14 PM

    oh man, couldnt agree more.... both my girls were rough at age 3. i said it over and over and over... lizzie turns four next month, whew! preschool really made a difference too. good luck!

    project runway rocks and my husband and i both loved that line about the pooing dress, hilarious!


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