Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Come on down!

Thank you to everyone for playing. I wish I had enough for you all!

With that, we have a winner, or two. :-)

Jack drew Paula for the toddler quilt and Junkyard Jennifer for the 1950s quilt! Congratulations to you both. If you can click on the email link in my profile and send me your addresses, I will get them both in the mail sometime next week.

I have one more giveaway in mind for our Thankful November, but first I have to find the carpet in the sewing room. LOL (What a mess it is in there right now, oy.)

P.S. Has anyone been watching the new version of The Price is Right with Drew Carey? Totally not the same, is it?


  1. Awwww bummer. Didn't win. Oh well. I agree with you on Drew. He's not right at all. Why did they pick him??

  2. Thank you Sarah! I am so thrilled. {My kids just witnessed me jumping up and down.} ;)

  3. One more giveaway? Wow, I guess you're reconsidering the cabinet? LOL! Congrats to your winners!

  4. Congraulations to the winners. You are so lucky. Everyone have a great night. Mary

  5. COngratulations to those two ladies. You are very generous!!

  6. I think the Price is Right will die off about the same time Bob does.. Ohh.. that sounded really bad didn't it.?.?. I just mean well, Drew Is Not working it thats for sure! It's not even fun to watch anymore!


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