Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heavy cloud, no rain

I still feel like a little black cloud is hanging over my head. It doesn't help that it is cold, cold, cold, but there is no snow to speak of. I have zero desire to cook another meal, wash another piece of laundry, or even craft. Woohooo, good times around here. LOL

I did manage to make some of Martha's felt fortune cookies after seeing them in the Feb. issue of Living. I folded them with an extra wrinkle, but really, I am not crazy about them. Maybe they are just cuter in theory than they are in my world. Instead of fortunes I am going to put my list of things that never disappoint me in them. Maybe that will make the cloud go away?

So, seven cookies, seven never disappointing things:
*Eating at my favorite Indian restaurant
*Finding a new tablecloth for the collection
*Sitting in the sunshine while watching Jack play in the backyard
*Time out of the house, alone, with my husband
*Watching the sunset over the ocean from our old homestead, Clearwater Beach
*Mailbox surprises
* Fragrant pink peonies
I've also been working a little on the January organization project. Last year it was a huge job, but this year most of the jobs seem to be going quickly. Obviously some of the things I did last year worked, as most everything just needs a general straightening up. Dave made these shelf dividers for my linen closet with cute little scalloped edges after we saw this organizing tip at Martha.

They do an amazing job of keeping the pillowcases from being a giant pillowcase jumble.
And I finally found some marbles so Jack and I could have swimming noodle marble races. He thought this was great fun, and would have played with it until he had managed to lose all 100 marbles in the house somewhere, but I don't really fancy trying to find 100 marbles so we don't accidentally fall on them. There are at least 20 lost in here somewhere already though.
It was fascinating to watch him try launching marbles from different positions. He put that noodle everywhere he could think of to see what happened to the marble.

I swear you can just sit there and watch his little brain "growing." Too cool.

Well, writing this blog post actually made me feel a little better. Perhaps I should be pushing onward a little bit more?


  1. I hear ya, Sara! I have been going to bed at like 9:30 every night-- have no will to do ANYTHING including crafting! Would be the perfect thing to do, but bleh. Hopefully, it's just the season.

    On another note, I started laughing because I (mis)read that you were going to put things in your fortune cookies that DID disappoint you. To try to cleanse the demons or something. Ha! Maybe you could make another set of black felt fortune cookies for that and bury them or something. :) xo

  2. claire12:34 PM

    oooh you sound like me and i'm pregnant...;)

  3. Black clouds will come and go. Your such a great mama. Hang in there.

  4. I'm sorry that the fortune cookies were disappointing - although I appreciate your honesty and candor in sharing that project.

    I was just leafing through the Feb Living last night, and I *TOTALLY* flagged that page as a "must try this." Thanks to you, I'm giving this a second thought, and thinking I'm going to pass... So - there might be the tiny silver lining in that cloud - you prevented others from trying out a disappointing project!

    As for your other Marty tip - your shelf dividers are GREAT!

  5. I think this cloud is making its rounds, I know many that have it. Is it the winter blues? Anyway, hope it goes away soon :)

  6. Good to hear that I am not the only one feeling blah-blah-ba-blah-blah-BLAH!

  7. Hang tough! You are one awesome person! I'm feeling blah too!!! I think I'm getting over it lol ( don't want to jinks my self)
    Jack is sooooooo cute!!!

  8. What a great idea for a list and post...might have to borrow it on my blog! The winter cloud comes and goes around here...yesterday it was gone, today it is back...wish it would go away forever! But tomorrow is another day!

  9. Mailbox surprises? Okay then. Done.

  10. Pool noodles are just the coolest things! And, I love the cabinet filled with quilts in the background. The canisters and the white cabinets. Thanks for the peek!

  11. Pool noodles are just the coolest things! And, I love the cabinet filled with quilts in the background. The canisters and the white cabinets. Thanks for the peek!

  12. I hope the cloud goes away soon :) It is just too cold out right now (although we unfortunately had a light dusting of snow which I could have done without).

  13. Hey, House of India is my favorite Indian Restaurant, too! Have you been there since they reopened?

  14. Before you know it Jack will be building bike ramps and forts. Have fun finding those marbles!

  15. Hope you don't fall over on one of those marbles. What fun jack is having.

  16. What a cutie! Their little minds are so amazing. And I'm glad we got to see a little bit of your house. Love all of the fun stuff I could see!! Very cute kitchen!

    I hope you start to feel better soon. This is the time for black clouds, but hopefully they'll start to lift soon. Take care of yourself, Sarah. :) (((HUGS)))

    {I've had one for a couple of days. They come and go!}

  17. Oh gosh Sarah...sorry you;ve had a dark couple of days. But I know that you know you don't have to look far at all to count your many blessings. Shoot, I'm lookin' at several of 'em in these pics alone! :-) Love the shelf dividers...that Martha. WHAT would we do without her? The felt fortune cookies...I'm with you on that one...I'd wonder aloud "Now what do I DO with them?" But still and all they're cute! The pool noodle sure is a great idea! I'll have to hook my 2yo granddaughter up with one of those!
    Keep on keepin' on girlie. You're doin' good. :-)

  18. I've been in that funk for a long time now. I'm not depressed, I just don't want to do anything. I did clean A LOT today (very much needed) and made dinner for us and 2 other families (new babies in both homes) because it's easier to cook when you're doing it for a good reason. I guess my family doesn't always count as a good enough reason to me. ;)

    YOU ARE SUCH A FUN MOM! If I didn't have a baby crawling around I'd break out the marbles too. That looks like a blast for him!

  19. My fave felt food are these ones: http://www.feltcuisine.com/

    One of these days I'll spring for the patterns ...

  20. Black clouds = light deprived! I feel like a vampire these days and I need some sun! I'm pining away for March.

  21. Too bad you didn't like the fortune cookies. I think I am still going to try them, but my things never come out quite like Martha's. I guess that is so with everyone thought.

  22. Brave marble woman...I looked at the marbles in the museums we visited this last weekend and thought..."Maybe?" And then when all the school age children were dropping them all around, I thought naaa! Winter does not help black clouds...I feel like one is looming over me today. Hopefully the sun is shining today.

  23. Sara, Have you heard of Marble Wroks? My youngest son had it and I swear I played with it as much as he did. Maybe you can find an old set on Ebay.
    I hope your "cloud" is gone. A hubby who leaves you money and a note telling you to go thrift shopping is surely a "never disappointing" thing too!!


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