Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Keep calm and carry on

I think today might very well be the day I lose it. The house continues to be a holy living disaster, I cannot get anything accomplished, the butt has just ripped out of my jeans, and Jack will not entertain himself for even a moment. (He has an ear infection, btw.)

I am trying very hard to have a "Keep Calm and Carry On" attitude, but I am failing miserably. Maybe I need a poster in here? LOL Maybe what I really need is a break. Sigh.

Ok, onto more Valentines:
These gorgeous little pins are from Breanna . She packaged them in the sweetest little matchboxes, and I cannot imagine soldering all of them! (Ignore the flash or my fingerprint or whatever that might be, lol.)
Courtney (blogless, but mothering 3 of the most gorgeous children I have ever seen!), made us all the yummiest cards! I love that dotty paper and the rick-rack together.
Jane made the most beautiful little redwork hearts. There were so many cute patterns that I could hardly decide which one to keep for myself. It was incredibly hard not to hoard them all! LOL You can see the other patterns on her blog.
And there was felt too! I swear that Jenn is a felt magician. Look at the sweet little bird!

Are you drooling yet?? What a fantastic swap we had, and there is more to come. :-)


  1. I am totally kicking myself for not joining this swap! Everything is gorgeous!

  2. Oh my! These are putting mine to shame!

  3. I hope your day and week gets better!

    Love the swaps stuff. Super cute. :)

  4. Put on some sweats and the TV. Give Jack some ibuprofen. Do you have any chocolate around?

    Do whatever it takes...the house can totally wait.

    I know too well how much this sucks. :(

  5. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

    Those valentines are so sweet! I wish I'd joined the swap.

  6. Sooo adorable!! I should have joined ..... ;-)
    Poor Jack ear infection is soooo painful!! Give him lots of "hugses" and kisses!!

  7. It will get better, Sarah. Don't worry about the house for now - it will still be there later, in my experience anyway. Thanks for sharing all of these - I'm so jealous since mine haven't arrived yet. ;)

  8. Hang in there. I know how overwhelming things get sometimes.
    Love the poster idea. I used t have a wall hanging that said " and this to shall pass"lol.

    Poor Jack ear infections are the worst. Hope he feels better soon.

  9. My Jack has an ear infection right now, too... PLUS he told me I looked pregnant. Let me know when you go on your break - maybe I'll join you!!!

  10. Ouch! Sending virtual hugs.

  11. I'm sending positive thoughts your way!

  12. wow--what a great assortment of treasures you are posting from your swap !! I'm kicking myself, too. Had I not been going away for so long this month, I'd have joined :)


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