Saturday, February 02, 2008

Snow day

Jack finally got his much anticipated snow day yesterday, complete with 8 inches of fresh powder. There was shoveling;
sledding down the "big mountain";
traipsing through the yard;
and wearing of the so stinking cute baby leg warmers. (He hated them when he was a baby, now, he loves them. He never wants to take them off. Go figure. LOL)

On another note: I have been feeling a bit like my blog here has outgrown the title of "The Misadventures of Mama and Jack." It is very hard for me to articulate exactly why I feel that way, and I am not 100% sure I have made a firm decision, but I *think* my blog might be on it's way to becoming "Making Projiks" instead*.

Those of you who have been hanging out with us awhile will remember that "makin' projiks" is what Jack used to call my crafting when he was smaller, and although he seems to have outgrown that particular phrase, I still feel like it is representative of my life here.

Nothing else will be changing, my blog address will still be the same, and the blog content will still remain the same, but if you are using bloglines I think the blog title there will change. And of course, those little words on my header will change.

Any thoughts, good, bad or indifferent would be appreciated.

*If I can work out the technical details, LOL.


  1. What fun Jack had with the snow.
    What ever name you call it we'll still be checking in on you and Jack. Making Projiks sounds good to me.

  2. Jack is so present in your day, in your life, in your crafting that it will be a little sad to see his name missing from the title of the blog if you should change it.

    I love his little legs in his cute little leg warmers, and absolutely love that he has his own little shovel to help with the shoveling.

  3. Mama always said; a rose is a rose by any other name.
    (Whatever that We'll find ya no matter what ya call yourself).

  4. fun fun in the snow! It's so windy here that we never make it out in our snow.

    I guess you could say I'm indifferent to your name change - it's your blog, you should do what you want with it;)!

  5. a great blog by any other name will be as sweet.

  6. I'll be sticking with you whether you change your name or not. :)

  7. Vicki at Hollyhocks.typepad.com7:38 AM

    I do love the "buddy" sounding name because I always thought if I had a boy, he'd be my best buddy to run around and pick up bugs with. I actually first came to your blog because I thought it was so sweet that a mom and son would post about their adventures. However, as long as we still get to see the fun and projects, the meaning will still be there. I'll be by all of the time no matter what.

  8. I love the new name:) I think Jack will be proud to see you use his words (even if he doesn't say them anymore;) ! Whatever you decide, it will still be a great blog, that I look forward to reading!

    Stay warm in all that snow!


  9. looks like a most fun day!

    And I want to second what Jen said above - change yer name all you like, we'll still find you! :)

  10. I think that name is adorable...a perfect way to remember one of your favorite sayings of his.

    Patrick & I still say U-V (love you) and 'doin?' (what are you doing) to eachother...those were some of our favorites that James said.

    p.s. sorry I haven't come by sooner to say I'm glad you're feeling better! I am. :)

  11. Delightful! I love watching kids (and dogs ;-)) playing in the snow!! And I love playing in snow myself! I hate winter sports but just fooling around, thats fun! Btw. Are you sure you're not my neighboor?! We've been having exactly the same weather at the same time all winter!! ;-)

  12. What a fun snowday..memories for the scrapbook!! Love your new title you are thinking about (and the story behind it!)!

    kari & kijsa

  13. Sounds great. I just sent you my "projik." So you should get it tomorrow or the next day. It's funny how blogging evolves. It's such a personal thing that it kind of has to grow with you.

  14. I like the new name, although I liked the old one too:)
    Glad someone is enjoying all the snow we got! :)

  15. You know I'll be here, no matter what you call this blog of yours, but I have to admit to being a little sad to see Jack come out of the title! Although - making projiks is a wonderful title.

    I love the pics of Jack - the babylegs is so cute. K wore them all the time as a baby and just this weekend we tried to put them on - NOOOO way! :-)

  16. Sweet Sarah! I just droppet by to urge you not to leave the house to post the magazines for me (I'm quite patience ;-))you'd better stay home and nurse yourself! I've been sick for several weeks now, and everytime I leave the house I get worse. So please stay under the covers and drink tea with honey, and get better!! :-)I'm glad you enjoyed the magazines, I had to send some in a different envelop which means they might be abit late (Some strange postoffice idea...)

  17. What a sweet new blog name :)

  18. Oh, those little polka dotted leg warmers!!! They are too stinkin' cute! Did you write anything else in this entry??? xo-Mel


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