Friday, March 21, 2008

Hopping down the bunny trail

For the most part, this has been a crappy week. We have had a ton of rain here, and the rivers are overflowing everywhere. I will never, ever forget the flood of '93, and knowing that right now many families are sandbagging to save their homes breaks my heart. Flooding is both devastating and dangerous , and it is all too easy to forget that.

And we have had our own crappy stuff too. My mom is in the hospital, our van has transmission issues, there was a notice in the mail box saying our bank account may have been compromised, and that is only the tip of the crappy iceberg.

So in some ways I could not be happier to just get Easter done with already. I am totally unprepared still, but whatever. Bring it on.

I actually had access to a car this morning, so I popped in the thrift after picking our latest round of family photos from JC Penny. These little mice wanted to come home with me. They have longish skewers on the back and I think they were probably meant for serving cheese. I think they will be appearing in a new blog banner soon.
I used the pink feather tree for Easter this year instead of the usual white one. It was pure laziness on my part, I still had it in here from Christmas. I like it though. All the different wooden ornaments and my little plastic lambs made it pretty sweet.
Jack actually picked up that big bunny in the car at the thrift himself. There are 2 others on the tree that were in the same bag.
I can never really get a good photo of this tree. There is always too much visual noise where it is sitting when it comes to photographs. It is sweet this year too. Usually I stick to one type of ornament on it, all glass or all paper, or whatever suits my fancy that year. This year I have cotton lambs and real eggs and glass ornaments and resin ornaments and even a few mushrooms.

I guess I am into a patchworky thing all around this year. :-)

Welp, I better get back to hopping down that bunny trail.

Happy Easter to you and yours, if you are the celebrating type.


  1. I like that pink tree! And way to multi-task. Those little mice look like bunnies -- if my old eyes are looking at the right thing. Have a very Happy Easter Mama and Jack!

  2. Your trees are so cute! And I hope that bad ole iceberg melts soon and the sun shines bright and warm on ya!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your crap - yuck! I hope things look up soon.

    You do have some lovely Easter decorations. That tree is so fun!

  4. Hey Sarah things can only get better.
    Love your easter trees.
    Hope you Mom gets better soon.
    Happy easter to you and your family

  5. Pink and Easter? Well, it's perfect. I think better than white.

    Hang in there with all the bad stuff. You know it comes in wads. It'll all be over soon.

  6. Love your pink tree! Hope the sun shines on you and yours soon. Happy Easter.

  7. We had a pretty lame Easter. I hope your turns out better then you expect xoxoxo Clarice

  8. Sorry to hear of your crappy week. Here's wishing you & yours a very happy Easter.

  9. Hope your mom is doing better! Your Easter tree is adorable! Hope things start looking a little brighter!

  10. such cute cute cute projects!! :)


  11. Love your pink tree. Its adorable.
    Hope your Easter turns out great.

  12. Both your tress are super cute! Love the pink one! The wire one is amazing, were did you find something like that? Never seen one before :-) Happy Easter!!

  13. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Happy Easter.

  14. I'll say a prayer for your mom and for all the flood issues. I love love the bluebird! So cute.

  15. I like all of your Easter ornaments.

    I hope your mom is okay! And that everything else starts looking up.

  16. Oh I just read this post after reading your "drama" post... I really hope that this week gets a bit better for you... It sounds like you have had a couple rough weeks. Thinking of you & your family!


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