Sunday, March 09, 2008

I said I wouldn't

I said I wouldn't be decorating for Easter this year. And I really thought I meant it. It's just coming so early and so fast, and let's face it, it is totally winter outside still.
But when I finally took down the last of my little Christmas ornaments off my wire tree and replaced them with Easter ornaments Jack got really excited about Easter coming. So while he slept Friday, I drug out the Easter stuff and put it out for him to find when he woke up Saturday morning.

And I found some things I had tucked away and forgotten about and am crazy about this year. I remember when I bought these eggs I was skeptical. They are a bit too 70's for me, but I couldn't just lave their patchworky goodness at a yard sale. I think she made them with those old pantyhose eggs, L'eggs. I was wrong to be a skeptic, they are darn cute in a big basket.
I remember buying this nutcup at the antique mall and being so excited to finally have a nutcup. Yes, just one, but I have one! And he's a cute 'lil chicky too.
I think I rummaged this egg out of a bag filled with gaudy plastic Christmas ornaments. Soft millinery flowers, a velvet ribbon and pearls on pins. Just my style.
When I found this bunny I was amazed she had survived. She is made from a real blown egg shell, with big chenille stem ears and the cutest little flowers on top of her hat. She always makes me smile with her crafty cuteness.
I showed you these painted blown eggs when I found them this summer, but I always have a hard time deciding what to do with them. I realized they fit perfectly in those disasterous Martha Stewart pipe cleaner baskets from last year. And this egg is a spectacular example. Her work is so fine and perfect.

I also finally (!! how did I lose it?) managed to find Jack's Easter basket. Now all we need is to go visit the bunny , and we are ready. Sort of. :-)

P.S. A few things from last year are getting love too. This basket , and this one too , this pair of bunnies , and mustn't forget this sweet wreath . I am glad I didn't leave them all in hiding until next year after all.


  1. Love all the Easterness! I've been thinking I wouldn't dye eggs this year-but you've give me the gumption to climb up to the top shelf and drag my Easter things down too.

  2. oh good for you! i love it all - 'specially the nut cup.

  3. Jack will just love seeing all the gorgeous Easter decorations.

  4. How Cute! I'd lay odds that the L'eggs eggs were made by a Camp Fire Girl troup or similar! We made the exact same thing when I was a CFG, probably 1975 or 76. I remember saving the panty hose containers with my mom.

    I have NO Easter decorations. It hasn't ever been something I cared about decorating for, but now that I've been blogging and seeing all the cute stuff out there, I am going to start collecting some things. Can't wait to get started!!


  5. I love that you decorated the house when Jack was sleeping. What a sweet thing to wake up to!

  6. What a wonderful collection! I forgot you made those Martha baskets, I was considering them for this year but I'm guessing you're going to talk me out of it? LOL

  7. I love all of your Easter decorations, I don't normally decorate for Easter but I've been converted by all of the lovley decorations everyone has been showing on their blogs.
    Cheers Linda

  8. Jack is too cute! :) Using the wire tree all year round is a great idea, by the way. ;)

    Geez...that's a brown egg shell? I'm amazed that it's lasted. WOW!

  9. ipxIt amazes me that more people don't decorate for Easter since its {almost} the end of winter and a good excuse to liven things up a bit in preparation for spring. Your decorations are really cute!

  10. I'm happy you decided to decorate, too!! Funny how our kids enjoy the process so much, when we think they haven't noticed...


  11. Those eggs are fantastic :)

  12. barbara4:43 AM

    Hi, Sarah - I love your Easter treasures ... they're really wonderful. Thanks for coming to visit. Your blog is so nice - I'll come back to read more soon!


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