Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Come flea with me

We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccck! And in our typical fashion, we had some good times, some really good times, some not good times, and some really not good times. LOL

But maybe you want to come along to my most favorite flea market? Actually, of all the flea markets I have been to (and that's a lot), this might be my favorite flea of all time. Every year it is excellent.

No, it is not the Kane County Flea Market , which was really horrible this year.
Welcome to Wolff's Flea Market at the Allstate Arena. This thing is huge. It takes me a good 2 hours to walk it once, and in general I shop the flea market pretty fast.
It is right on top of O'Hare Airport, so the planes feel like they might land on you at any moment. And it's noisy. And still I love it. Why?
This flea has everything under the sun, in every price range imaginable. Need a sweet old desk?
A trunk full of linens? All the tablecloths were $5 or less in her booth.
A table full of loads of pretty things, but with pretty price tags. Tablecloths here were $15+. She had the most gorgeous vintage yardage, a 3 yard piece, but it was $40.
Have a tiny bathroom and need a sweet old corner sink?
Maybe you need an, umm, weird art mannequin thingy? LOL Sorry, I could not resist taking that picture.
The folks are friendly too. (He wanted to know if he would end up a MySpace page, which got us talking about the blog here. You wouldn't think people would think taking pictures at the flea is weird, but some do.)

I totally filled up the old flea market cart and then some for less than $100 here. As soon as everything is unpacked I will share the actual treasures!

If you go:
* I don't know about Saturdays, but Sundays are excellent.
* Wear comfortable shoes and if you can, make the kids ride in a wagon or stroller. It's really a lot for a small kid. And warn them ahead of time that the air traffic is NOISY.
* Bring a cart! You are going to buy more than you can hold.
* We always arrive close to 8, when you can still easily park the car.
* It is not an antique market. There will be plenty of actual junk: old clothes, trucks full of bags of potato chips, and other stuff you are not the least bit interested in. Do not let that fool you. There are treasures here, just ignore the stuff that doesn't interest you. (Although, we buy plenty of more practical stuff here too. I always buy new sewing scissors from Tommy, and there are Thomas trains for Jack, and cheap used DVDs, etc.)
* Since there is something for everyone, you don't have to hurry. There are enough varieties of buyers that what you are looking for will still be out there somewhere.

* Enjoy it! If we lived closer I would be in serious trouble out there. :-)


  1. $5.00 table clothes, akkkk. I am glad you got to go. Clarice

  2. argh! The hubby just flew in to O'Hare yesterday, if I would have known about this, I would have made him extend the trip for next Sunday! though, now that i think of it, maybe it's a good thing i didn't know.

  3. Grrrrr!!! I would kill to go to a good flea like that!!

    Let me tell ya, I was drooling at the mouth looking at all your pics of so many cool treasures!!


  4. fun, fun, fun - can't wait to see the goods!

  5. What a great flea market!!! Tablecloths for $5 or less.....I would be at that booth for hours!!!

  6. Sounds like a treat, I'm echoing everyone else, but, $5 dollar table cloths?! Wow!

    Sounds like a treat, can't wait to see what you got!

  7. Lol! Didn't mean to repeat myself... :)

  8. Sounds like a fabulous flea market.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing! I know am planning my trip to Chicago around this!!!

    Thanks again, cant wait to see the loot!

  10. No flea markets where I live so I have to vicariously shop through you! Love it.

  11. so so fun, Would love to be there and rummage through all those delightful fleas.
    cheers, Adla

  12. So glad you had a good time at the flea market...thanks for the fun photos, felt a little bit like being there!

  13. See! We don't have THOSE kinds of flea markets around here. The ones with the REALLY cool stuff. Mostly old crappy stuff. No one vendor has a bunch of good stuff. It's just good stuff mixed around with their yicky stuff.

    I took your advice and asked a vendor last week about other flea markets. I did not get any good news. He said the next one he knew about was AUGUST!!! (We hit a different one this past Saturday and I recognized this dealer from the last one I went to at a different location.)

    However, the best part is that on the way to this other flea market, I saw a sign for a church rummage sale that starts tomorrow! I'm going shortly after my boys leave for school.

    (Sorry this is the world's longest comment. I probably should have emailed you.)

  14. That looks like our kind of place...you always find the perfect thing (that you were never looking for)!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  15. I can't wait to see photos of all your finds! :)

  16. You know, I get some weird glances when I take pics at the flea market too. Why is that? Oh well, I do it anyway.

    This looks like fun.

  17. How is it that I've never heard of this one?

  18. tammyCA3:30 PM

    I grew up right under O'Hare airport and saw many planes flying right over our head like that. They didn't have flea markets there back then.

  19. donny9:29 PM

    Wolff's is definitely the best in Chicagoland. Their website is wolffs.com. Lot's of old stuff, collectibles, garage sale and new stuff too.

  20. katie jean10:25 PM

    $5. for tablecloths, did you buy them all??


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