Thursday, May 08, 2008

The rain in Spain

Well, it just keeps raining here. With no end to the rain in sight, I figured I had better just go ahead and take pictures of what I could in the rain. The mess in the kitchen was driving me crazy!
Just before we left for Chicago I was browsing an old issue of Country Living (sorry, I have no clue what issue, or I would try and find it again) and I found an article on a rummage sale in Lake Forest, IL. The rummage sale at First Presbyterian of Lake Forest to be exact. The pictures were totally droolworthy. And what luck! It was the same weekend we would be in Chicago.

We arrived at about 8:30 on Saturday morning and this thing was i-n-s-a-n-e. I consider myself to be quite the junk veteran and even for me this place was stressful and chaotic.

Stressful or not though, we did buy stuff there. LOL I found the queen bee above there. I love old Fisher Price toys, and I have been wanting this one for a long time. And her condition is awesome.
I spotted this canister set from the other side of the very crowded housewares tent and made my way there as fast as possible. Love, love that decal! (And the whole set was a $1.)
I have been wanting another cake carrier and they seem to be impossible to find. This one came from the Allstate Flea, $5. I have 3 now, so I guess it is an official collection.

Speaking of collections, I have quite the canister collection suddenly. Purely accidental. I think I am going to pack away the pyrex for a bit and put the cake carriers and the canisters on top of that cabinet instead.
Some smaller pieces of vintage fabrics from the rummage sale. I was hoping the one on the left was a feedsack, I couldn't tell inside the ziploc bag, but it isn't. Love the print anyway.
I bought 10 (!!) of these sweet curtain panels at the Allstate Flea for $10. Dave is hoping to build us a teardrop trailer for camping, and I think they are perfect for that. A few panels will find a home on my kitchen door in the meantime.
And this is one of those "What on earth is she thinking?" buys. Coincidentally, it is the only thing I bought at Kane County this year. (And I don't think I will bother going back there next year. It is $5 each to get in, and for what? Hmmmph.)

When I first walked past it I thought it was a roll of old linoleum. I love the color and the pattern (it is the perfect vintage green), and it kept calling me to come back to it. So, I asked the price. I usually have a rule that if I have no clue what I am going to do with something I won't pay more than $10. The price? $10. So we bought it. Turns out that it is old wallboard, not lino.

There is a good amount of it there, and only that front bit is torn. I think I might use it in the backs of cabinets (I do need another pie safe), or something.

The rest of the treasure is in the washing machine or the to be washed pile, waiting for that much needed sunshine. Hopefully I will get pictures soon.

Other news: My birthday is next week, and there will be birthday giveaways again this year. I see tablecloths in someone's future!

Your apron swap deadline is next week also, get them in the mail! If you have already received yours, add it to the Flickr group please.

And there are a few more random photos on Flickr.


  1. Love all your goodies, hope to find a really good sale soon!!! Love the cake carrier. Now I think i need one, thanks a lot:)

  2. Love the canisters and the cake carrier. I have a neat old green metal carrier, but I think it holds three pies instead of a cake. I need to put that on my blog sometime, it's cool.

    Happy early birthday. DH's is the 12th and we are off on a mini vacation that day too. Enjoy your day! Tablecloth giveaway? Hmmm, wonder if they have wifi were we are going.......

  3. Good finds! I am not far from Lake Forest (in fact, the hospital there is where I had my recent surgery and N. was born there), but I've never heard of that rummage sale. I'll have to pay attention next year.

  4. Tablecloths?

    Wait. Huh?

    Did someone say tablecloths??


    I love tablecloths.

  5. The bee reminds me of one I had as a kid. Does it make a sound when it moves?

  6. Love the familiar bee! I had forgotten about those.

  7. What awesome finds! I love the queen bee and the cake holder is great. I think you really got lucky with your finds.

  8. Anonymous5:38 PM

    What a great haul! The bee is amazing!

  9. I love cannisters too--find it hard to pass up the sweet ones when I find them. Happy almost Birthday!!!

  10. Love the decals on that canister set. Awesome deal!

  11. All such good finds! The green wallboard has tons of potential that I am sure will come to you. My fav of those finds are the curtains! Those will be *perfect* in your trailer to be!

  12. ohhh the queen bee is awesome! :)

  13. Anonymous4:13 AM

    the rain in spain falls mainly on. . . st. louis. very cute queen bee and I'll definitely be checkin' back in with some birthday lovin' to see what tablecloths you hold in store!

  14. Wow you got some treasures there

  15. We had all that rain, I know how you feel. Love the bee, so cute :)

  16. Terrific finds Sarah! Surely you'll be needing a bigger house soon!

  17. Love all your finds-especially the canisters! Glad you had a fun vacation too!

  18. Great finds! I love the cake carrier!

  19. Hi Sarah,
    I just discovered your blog and loved browsing through your posts, watching Jack grow up before my eyes.

    I live very near where the formerly great Kane County Flea Market is. I visited once this year and I dare say that will be the last time.

    I love the cannisters and the cake carrier you found.

    I will be visiting your blog often and I'm adding you to my blog roll. I hope you will add me to yours.

    I am having a really fun contest on my blog, so please feel free to come over and participate.


  20. I'm so jealous. I live so close to Lake Forest and NEVER know when that sale is!!! Great finds!

  21. Our birthdays are the same week. :) I always enjoy seeing what collections we have in common - I love Fisher Price toys, too! And, those canisters and cake carrier are adorable. Great finds!

  22. Great finds.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  23. oh the lake forest rummage sale is a crazy one. we used to go, but its just too much for me.
    those canisters and the cake carrier are scrumptious! i have a collection of 3 carriers too!

  24. christins, the sale is the first thurs of may in lake forest


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