Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And the voices rang like the angels sing*

Thank you all very much for the thoughts/commiseration/suggestions. Some of them have definitely been on my mind (getting a job of some sort, which I doubt I will do, but it has been discussed several times), some of them made me laugh (is there an 800 number for the gypsies?), some of them never crossed my mind (forget entertaining him, he needs to learn to survive!), and some of them are on my figure out how to make this work list.

I think a big part of my problem is that I am still doing EVERYTHING for him. But, inspired by all of you**, I am working on getting the bathroom faucet changed (right now it is very hard to use, so Jack cannot even wash his hands independently). I am also going to pack up all of his current toys (again!) and put new toys in his bins from the "seldom visited during the summer" playroom in the hopes that fresh toys will entertain him a bit. And we are going to rearrange the fridge so that the bottom shelf is full of things he can get for himself: milk, juice and prebagged snacks.

Clearly I need to sort out how to get him to a big kid place in his life so that we can both stop being frustrated by having to depend on/wait on each other constantly while somehow getting past his reluctance.
He starts back to his Mother's Day Out on Thursday and I think I might have a party. :-)

But most noticeably, and in true Jack fashion (just when I think I am over the edge he makes a big leap), last night he slept without a pull up. I was up at 5 am thinking of all the sheets I was going to have to wash, but he woke up dry.

That's right folks.

I have not changed a single diaper today for the first time in 3 years, 7 months and 29 days.

Sweet cracker sandwich*** that feels good.

So good that I am off to start cutting out circles for yo-yo's.

*That title's for you Capello .

**Today when Jack refused to take a nap I offered him a choice: nap or work. He choose work. I had him vacuum the house. I figured even if only got 50% of the dirt it was 50% less than I had on the floor this morning. He did an excellent job and even vacuumed the closets! LOL

***Miss ya LLA


  1. Well, the good news is he'll be tired early tonight! :-)
    Don't fret too much Sarah. It all goes by in the blink of an eye regardless of if you're doing it 'right' or 'wrong'. Know what I mean? Just love him and be a mom and he'll work through the rest.

  2. Congrats on a diaperless day! It's great, isnt it?

  3. that diaper thing is HUGE!!!! there is a place from 2 to 4 where you just have to survive. just when you are on the edge of insanity they make a huge step. keep your head up sista.

  4. barbara5:41 PM

    Glad to hear about the diaperless day! You had that coming. I like your vacuuming theory, too, although I'm not sure my 17-year-old knows how to operate it ...

  5. No nap--Jack sounds like me as a kiddo. I certainly would have taken the vacuum over a nap! Hopefully tomorrow will be another diaper-free one!

  6. Sounds like a good day. :)

    My son loves to vacuum. He also likes to get out a dusting cloth and clean the walls!

  7. Yay no pull up. Way to go Jack.
    Take care Sarah

  8. i had to go back and read all the comments from your last post to make sure i got all the suggestions too. isn't it nice to be diaperless!

  9. yea!! go jack!

    i think the changes you're making are going to make you both happier!

    i remember a few years ago where i thought i had to do everything for jerrett from feeding him to cleaning his room. now that's he's 6 i realized that i really have to stop otherwise he's not going to know how to take care of himself. we're still struggling with a few things like he won't wipe his own rear end but we're getting there. as for cleaning his room we make it a race; we put the timer on and he's got to beat the buzzer. it works most of the time! he loves to help me clean; he likes to use the swiffer and dust.

  10. Now that's the ticket! Farm him out for vacuuming a few hours a day! I'd hire him!

  11. I'll take vaccuum help when I can get it, too. And yay for dry Jack! Woohoo!

  12. Great ideas and Great work to YOU!!!! Glad you have a plan and I hope that things get better.

  13. Good for you Sarah! Take it day by day.
    Yippee for no changing diapers, even if it was just for that day. It's a start in the right direction. I cannot wait for the day that I'm done with diapers!!!

  14. I think you are on the right track! I have friends that still do everything for the 11 year olds, don't be one of them:) he he

    Stop by, I am having a give away!

  15. Oh Sarah, that's huge. I dont have kids...but I was so much older than my sisters I remember this phase all too well. Diaperless AND vacuuming? I think you've succeeded already. :)

  16. I hope the toy thing works! It does for my kids. I haven't 'rotated' them for many months, and decided to pack them all up this week to start again. It's a serious sanity saver, I tell ya.

    I've noticed that I still do everything for Carter. The others were 'pushed' along a little by a younger sibling, but he hasn't had to be 'pushed' yet. And it definitely makes a difference. If you're willing to do everything for them, they know it. And they're certainly going to let you, and, want you to. :) You're doing great! The changes you're talking about will definitely make you both happier.

  17. between a nap and work...um...I would DEFINITELY choose a nap! :)

    oh, and yay for NO DIAPER CHANGES!!!

  18. Oh Sarah I just caught up on your frustrations-so soryy-hang in there!!

    I have three boys and two of them are twins- I can totally understand what you are going through-but they had each other so it wasn't as much entertaining them as it was keeping them safe! Oh the blood I have seen with those two. I agree that at 4 things turn around. And at 8 I miss those toddler years-You are in my thoughts!!


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