Monday, June 02, 2008

It's a Jack attack, take 1

Summer is definitely here. It's hot. It's humid. Jack is out of school for a month until the summer session begins, and he is asking me every day if it is time to go to school yet. So today's agenda included joining the summer reading program at the library, making plans to see the free summer movie series at the local theater, signing up for a storytime with a magician on Friday, finding out when strawberry picking begins, and hopefully a bird craft after naptime.

If we are going to stay sane this summer, we need to keep busy.

We went for a walk the other morning and he literally picked every single dandelion he could find on the entire trip around the block. In fact, he would cry if I told him to leave one behind!

He is clutching a roly poly (sowbug) in the other hand. He brings them in the house and I find them everywhere. Even on the kitchen table. Would a like a little sowbug with your lemonade? LOL
This is the super cheesy grin he makes every time you ask him to smile right now. We took him for a haircut on Saturday and when she asked him to smile he made his big fake smile and she pointed out that it was pretty cheesy.

Can't argue with that.

(I have been taking him to one of these gimmicky haircut places that caters to men and boys. They are the only ones who seem to be able to make his hair lie flat. But they crack me up. The first time he went in with his shoes on the wrong feet and the girl says, "Sooooooo, Jack, did you put your own shoes on today?" This past week he had been eating fruit or something and it was ALL OVER his face. She says to him, "Soooooooooo, Jack, have you been eating sugar today?" I have no idea why I find that amusing, but I do.)
This looks like a prison mugshot, but this kid is in LOVE with his batman underoos. He requested a photo in them. He wants to wear them all day, every day.

When my brother and I were little my brother had a pair of spiderman underoos. Good Lord did we fight over those things. (Yes, I wanted to wear my little brother's underoos. What, you didn't? LOL)

It's good to see those things are still endlessly fascinating to kids.

Maybe the real answer to summertime sanity is that I just need to make myself some underoos?

Now I only have to decide between Supergirl and Wonder Woman ...


  1. Ya gotta go for Wonder Woman! She had the cool costume, an invisible jet, and a magical lasso! You can't beat that.

  2. My middle guy has been wearing a pair of Superman pajamas constantly (he is 4 next week). they were long sleeved, so I had to go and buy some short sleeved ones, which were Batman and Superman. Same dilemma now - but he has three pairs to choose from!

  3. WOW! You have sure got some summer plans brewin'. Today is the first day off from school and I can already feel it! The neighborhood kids have been here most of the day. I just might go insane!

  4. Sarah it has to be Wonder Woman.

  5. He is a very darling little boy. Such sweet pictures.

  6. What about Batgirl? People always forget about Batgirl...I would go for Krypto the Wonder Dog (I may have made up that last part), Superman's dog, myself.

  7. Wonder Woman- After you get all those activities in you should reward yourself with some great bracelets!

  8. Anonymous6:23 PM

    It's got to be Wonder Woman all the way! Supergirl doesn't even rate a mention next to her!

  9. Another vote for Wonder Woman. That's what I had when was little! As well as a plastic accessory pack so I had the wrist bands and the headband!

    Btw, when did Jack become tall? Whoa!

  10. WOnder Woman is way cooler. I always wanted some. I did, however, have a WW swimsuit. I rocked the pool that year!

  11. with 4 boys, our house is always filled with roly poly's and random little twigs and cool rocks. thankfully we have one little girly girl who is happy to bring home flowers! love his prison mugshot, a classic.

  12. I used to love to play with roly poly bugs! Your little guy is adorable, cheesy grin and all!

  13. wonder woman. hands down.


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