Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's a Jack attack, take 2

Yesterday I was trolling around the internet looking for some ideas to keep Jack from whining so much that I have the urge to stab myself with the decorative scissors*. I stumbled upon Let's Explore and let Jack choose a picture that he was interested in. He choose one that is a few weeks back I think, these toilet paper tube birds.
I cut up a paper towel tube that was in the recycling, so ours are different sizes. Jack is pretty sure there is a Mommy, a Daddy and a Baby.
He is not very patient with making crafts. He will put one dot of paint on the thing and declare it finished.

When they were finished, however, he spent some time flying them all over the house.

I ended up hanging them upside down from his chandelier, so they are flying in his room now. (Upside down so he could see the faces.)

Ok, on to some Q&A answers. Forgive me for not linking to you if you asked a question, Jack is having a terrible, horrible, no good, lots of crying kind of day. Oy.

Stephanie, I counted the tablecloths. I hope you are sitting down. There are 165, give or take a few. I have been thinking about culling some of them that are in poorer condition out though. We'll see.

Heidi, I think what you are remembering must be an old link to one of the Tablecloth Collector's Clubs pages on fugitives dyes or something. (I haven't had a chance to dig it up.) Now I am curious about joining myself too! But like you, maybe I would rather spend the $25 on tablecloths. LOL

Sarabeth (whose name makes me sing a Rascal Flatts song), apparently our dremel is old and not available anymore. Dave says this is the new equivalent. You should be able to find them in any local hardware store.

Laura, anything you want me to teach you to do something, just holler! I would do more tutorials if I knew what projects to do them on. :-)

Jessi, Dave and I met on the internet (gasp!) in 1997. He live in Phoenix at the time, and he moved to St Louis in 1998. We got married in December of 2003, a year after we moved back to Missouri from Florida. It's hard to imagine, but in only 11 years the wold has gone from being a place where people were genuinely horrified that we met on the internet to a place where no one even bats an eye about it. LOL

Lisa, I really believe that luck has very little to do with the junk business. I think it is a matter of frequency. The more you are out there, the more chances there are to find things. (Case in my point, my crappy season this year!). About your paint, I would only paint the outside of the lids, just stick them on a piece of firm posterboard and have at it. You could also cover them with fabric, a la Martha. Goo gone will take the labels off, just be persistent! (If you need more help, email me, that is a hard one to answer quickly.)

Susan, I thrifted that contact paper sometime last year. I think it is an older pattern. I can never find cute contact paper either.

Sara, I am going to be emailing you! :-)

Molly, we do have pets. 3 gigantic, very furry white cats. I will try and shoot a picture of them when I spy them together the next time. Whinger, Poppet and Picadilly (aka Dilly). Whinger is something insane like 25 lbs. We had taken in a stray cat who turned up pregnant and we were there when they were born. Exciting times! They are almost 10 years old now, and they are definitely my fur babies.

Tammyca, I watched Jen D's video on Martha's website before I made that bluebird. It's pretty helpful. I also just ordered her book, so I am not sure what is in it yet. However, I already knew how to needlefelt. Someone taught me how at a quilt show, and I was instantly hooked. It is super easy though, and I don't really think you need anyone to get you started. Just buy roving and needles and start stabbing. But watch your fingers! (I really want to email you about the rest of your comment, maybe you can shoot me a note when you have a minute?)

Whew. We made it. And Jack is starting to type, so I am over and out.

*There is a running joke around here about these really awful, dull decorative scissors I have. I am pretty sure that since they won't even cut paper I couldn't kill an ant with them, much less a person. LOL


  1. The birds are fabulous! :)

  2. 165?!?!?!?!?!? Oh my!

  3. I love the birds! They're so cute on the chandelier.

  4. 165 tablecloths! Thank you! You don't mind if I mention your name the next time a certain someone asks if we really NEED another vintage tablecloth, do you?

  5. So cute! I love how you hung them so he can see them! I made a really cute paper towel horse with my students. When I get a chance I will send you the template.

  6. We met on the internet too!

  7. Sarah, we are sooooo much alike! We have to get together soon. :)

  8. thanks for the answer - you are right - I would've been nervous to hear that back then, but now I know so many couples who have met on the internet.

    love the birds!

  9. The decorative scissors would make a lovely wound, if only they would cut.

  10. Love how your birds turned out! Ours are looking a little ratty from being flown around so much. :)
    Amy @ Let's Explore

  11. Love the birds, and damn, I missed the Q&A. Maybe next time!


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