Monday, June 09, 2008

We're really useful engines

Well, it's Monday morning and we've made our yearly pilgrimage to Kansas. We enjoyed the farms;
we did some excellent yard saling (more finds to come this week, when the never ending rain ends);
we made cheesy faces;
we rode the big train;
we visited with Thomas, the most useful engine (where I was probably the only mother on earth to actually tell her child to stop smiling*);
we snuggled with great grandma (and ate nearly half a candy dish full of her gumdrops);
we snuggled with great grandpa (and enjoyed his amazing collection of old family photos);

and we left completely exhausted. It's a long trip, with a lot to do in a few short hours!

But we look forward to returning next year.

*I took three pictures in front of the train with the cheesy grin. I was hoping for a more natural smile, but I will take a straight face too!


  1. Both my kids have gone through that awful cheesy smile stage. In fact I'm not sure they are completely out of it yet...

    How fun to see Thomas and g-grandparents. I had grandparents who lived in Leavenworth and we traveled from Chicago all the time to see them. I know what you mean about long drives!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I love Kansas. I have a cousin out in Lyons who raises llamas and we just love going out for a visit.

    How special and blessed you are to still have your grandparents and they really seem to enjoy Jack.

    Take a lot of those cheesy smile pics. Trust me, they really come in handy later, especially about 10th or 11th grade. ;)


  3. oh, you did an outdoor car this year - those are the best. we skipped thomas this year - but i think we'll do a longer train ride again in the fall, that was fun.

  4. How funny Sarah! He was just excited! Sounds like you had a great trip!

  5. Sarah what a fun time you had there.

  6. Those little overalls are just adorable! Maren's in the cheesy grin phase too--I have to tell her to stop smiling as well! LOL

    How neat that Jack was able to visit with your grandparents! I bet his visit brought them joy--little ones just bring the sunshine with them. :)

  7. He looks so BIG!!!

    My James does that cheesy smile thing too. Wanna know how we get natural smiles? We let him say all the "bad" words. Like booger, and poop. Gets a real smile every single time :-)

  8. He DOES look like such a big boy!!! How fun-- to see a hero in the flesh (well, so to speak).

    Ok, I am coveting that lamp!!!!!! Soooo cute.

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  10. oh my...i had that lamp as a little girl!
    sweet pictures of your jack & familiy

  11. Your grandma is just beautiful!!! I love that her nails are done and she's "just so". Jack looks like he's on cloud 9 too.

    Thanks for the light help, I'm headed to Lowe's on Wednesday or Thursday to get paint.


    ps, had a brain fart about the cheesy pics. We used cheesy pics to blackmail my brother but they weren't him grinning, they were of him in a speedo, ski mask and trenchcoat, on his skateboard in the snow, flashing us. Big difference but definitely still cheesy.

  12. Looks like a great trip! I love visiting grandparents and aunts and uncles and looking through photos and hearing stories...and gum drops aren't that bad either.

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  14. That looks like fun! We're definitely going to have to do that on our next trip to Kansas. How's that drive?! I-70 couldn't be more boring!

    (we're only finally outgrowing the cheesy smile still pops up from time to time, but less often)

  15. Looks like a great trip. Love that lamp. And those photos with the grandparents are just so sweet. Jack is such a cutie pie.

  16. i had a similar lamp as a kid. wonder what happened to it?
    the pictures remind me of indiana, where we visit my grandparents. would be nice to see them again...
    glad you got to go!

  17. It's just too cute that he loves them that much!

  18. I like his cheesy grin, it's very cute. It looks like a very fun time.

  19. oh my i love that lamp! great find!


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