Sunday, July 20, 2008

Accidentally Frugal

Every year in January I do some organizing. This past January I decided to reorganize my magazines. Usually they were just piled up on the shelf in my closet and when I wanted to look at them I had to dig through them.

I am not sure why I didn't think of the new system years ago, it works so much better. I grouped them by months and then used a file folder to divide each month from the next month.
As it turns out, this was quite a frugal reorganization. Now when a new month rolls around and I start to have dreams of going to Barnes & Noble and buying a handful of new magazines, I just open up the closet and pull a stack out from the next month. I have so many for each month that by the time the end of the month rolls around, I am still sorting through the ones in the closet and have managed to not buy a single new magazine that month at the bookstore.

And as an added bonus the magazines I am looking at are appropriate for that time of year (the August ones are full of peach ideas, and we are going peach picking soon) and I can recycle the ones that are no longer interesting to me, which has pared the number I am storing down by about half.

Plus, there is no guilt about buying a ton of back issues of Martha Stewart at yard sales for a dime each instead of buying them on Ebay for $6 each to fill in the missing spots in the collection. (And I can actually see where the missing spots are!)
Just because it is Sunday and we need something to pretty to look, some older yard sale finds. I didn't really do any yard saling or flea marketing this week.

Barbara is making me buy these vases. I swear she is. I have 2 and I nearly bought a third at the thrift last week (it had a crack or I would have). Admit it, when you see this photo it's hard to resist them, isn't it? LOL
I bought this quilt top last year, and I love it. I keep thinking I need to show you all of the quilts in the cabinet. It would be nice to have a photographic record of the collection. Maybe when it cools off.
There are some really gorgeous old prints in the stars. But I suspect the top was cut in half at some point. :-( It's a bit of a weird size.

P.S. I try and subscribe to my favorite magazines instead of buying them by the month. It really is cheaper, and this is my favorite website to find cheap subscriptions. Never use those cards in the magazine! They are often 4 times as much as that website.


  1. Thank you so much for giving us the link for the magazines. I was just thinking this morning about getting a new subscription. I also looked for the magazines that my husband likes and they are way cheaper here!

  2. Anonymous10:43 AM

    What a great advice! I have tons of magazines heapt up in a room...completely unorganized! No I'll follow your advice, and sort them by month!
    And btw.Thank you for the comment, and yes I'd love to swap magazines with you again :-) So much fun! And I'm still reading on the ones you sent me...seems like I cannot get enough of foreign magazines! :-)
    Have a happy summer sweetie!

  3. I do the same thing with my magazines! And I have a very similar quilt! And now we have the same vases! Is the Twilight Zone theme going through your head, too? LOL

  4. I have my magazines organized like that but I've never thought to go through them and pretend they are new! What a good idea. Its strange how things will pop out you at different times than when you first bought them. That happens with my quilt books, too. Love that quilt top. LOVE it. Its so well done and the fabrics unbelievable.

  5. That quilt is amazing!! You should really do some more organizing and paring down and send it to me. I promise I would love it every bit as much as you do!

  6. That is a great looking quilt!

  7. again, I am amazed by your quilt! You lucky girl you!

  8. I just started organizing mine by month, too! LOL I love pulling out a stack and going through them all again, like old friends. I haven't stopped buying the new ones though! I'm just a big old sucker for new magazines.

  9. Great tip for the magazine organization!
    BTW, I just got a bunch of peaches from our local orchard and I'm scrambling to find recipes.

    That quilt top is gorgeous! I could look at those fabrics all day.

    Kimberly :)

  10. Love, love, love the quilt and the vase! I love the way you organize your magazines. I might try that someday.

  11. I need you to come over and organize some things for me! And I love that quilt-top - it looks so summery with the sun shining through, I could almost imagine it as a simple window treatment. or maybe just as a quilt...

  12. Thanks for the tip about the magazine site! Like you, I am a little bit of a junkie and it can be an expensive habit.


  13. Oh Wow! What a treasure that quilt top is. Thanks for the cheap mag link!

  14. I appreciate the link for ordering magazines, I'll be checking it out!

    Love the quilt top.

  15. Great quilt top. So gorgeous.

  16. You, my dear, are a frippin' genius! If I ever get around to going through my magazines, I'm SO using your method! I was just thinking the other day while looking at new magazines that I should just go back and find the ones for the same month for seasonal ideas, 'cause I REALLY don't need any new magazines. Mine are now organized by mag. name, but oh, that will all change. Thanks!

  17. Meghan6:14 AM

    Great quilt. I buy them when is see them at a fair price and that doesn't happen very often.

  18. i am glad to see i am not the only one. i have my mags sorted by month and year too, but not in holders. i have a giant cupboard on my stair landing and it is full of mags
    i have been trying to talk myself into getting rid of them all. but the last time i talked myself into get rid of my marthas, i ended up buying them all back!i like your idea of going thru them each month tho instead of buying new
    but the thing is, with martha at least, a lot of that stuff is online now. i wish someone could talk me into getting rid of them tho. that would be a whole cupboard empty to put new stuff in!

  19. I love that quilt top. I wish I knew how to sew..I have been getting handy with the spray paint lately though, lol :)

    Just found your blog today, I am enjoying it.



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