Wednesday, July 02, 2008

In lieu of

In lieu of all the sewing I am dying to do, I have had to find other ways to occupy myself. Yesterday we took Jack to the magic house, the children's museum here in St Louis. When I saw this sign I knew why I feel so exhausted right now! (Some days I think Jack can ask 437 questions before breakfast.)
And I have been forced to get out the spray paint again. This time it's a sap style can that we use as a trash can.
Dave says he is almost afraid to fall asleep around here because he is certain he will wake up painted.

I think color is an improvement on the can, but I am not sure it will stay this way. I like it, but I don't love it.
It's Wednesday, and even though I have sworn off garage sales, we had to do something today right? LOL

Other than stuff that Jack wanted, this is all that I bought. I've been wanting one to go with the canisters and the cake carriers, and the price was unbeatable.

The real question is, when did I develop this affinity for red? (And green for that matter, I am seriously crushing on green right now.)

Ok, I actually have a crafting idea burning in my head a little. It's taken 3 days to get to where I want to go with it, but now that it's there I am off to create!


  1. I've never been much of a "red person", always liked green & blue better. But I seem to be drawn to the red, wooden handled stuff!

  2. I love that trash can! It turned out very cute with the dots. Thanks for the garage sale bias tape tip. (Say that five times fast!)

  3. Veeeerry nice treasure hunting!

    I like the trash can but it does need some pop. Maybe a darker ring around the pink dots?

    Dontcha think your head might explode if you hear another question?LOL I know I think that occasionally and mine is 15. He is destined to be a lawyer 'cause he can "rephrase the question" at least 10 ways without missing a beat.


    ps, I finished my light fixture! Thank you for the paint pointers. It isn't the chandelier I wanted but it did turn out rather nice(and kinda victorian). Now I just have to paint the room to go with.

    If you go look, it is down a few posts.

  4. well done dear! and all in lieu of sewing.

  5. Cute trashcan! I always have an "Ah ha!" moment when I see that sign at the Magic House, too.

    Next time you go, we should meet up. (Oh, and we have a new thrift store in our neighborhood!)

  6. Too funny Sarah I have actually been thru 5 cans of spray paint this week- 3 white, 1 pink and 1 blue. I love the stuff- I had know idea how much fun a person could have for under $3!! Love the tin- I have always been a red fan but have been trying to get away from it and soften things up. It is classic though!

  7. i LOVE the Magic House!! We used to go there when I was little, it was so much fun. I'd really like to take my kids there some day.

    So if an average four year old asks that many, how many do the average 5 year old and three year old ask?? TOGETHER!?


  8. I love the tin! My grandma had some great metal canisters with red lids and roses on them that she kept sugar and flour in. She replaced them with Rubbermaid in the 90s. I wonder what she did with them - she never throws anything away, so they've got to be around somewhere.

  9. You have garage sales on Wednesday's where you live? Lucky girl!! Here in NY (about a 35 minute drive from Manhattan and right on the NJ border), we have some on Friday's but the big day is always on Saturday. Sunday is family day so I never go garage saling then. I am relishing the warm weather with its sales. Once November comes, they're all over till spring. Joanne ~~

  10. Only 437? Sometimes it seems like waaaaaaaaay more!

  11. Your husband's comment cracks me up!

    I fell in love with red as an accent color sometime within the past year or so. I just love how it 'pops' with aqua.

  12. Anonymous4:26 AM

    I hope you had a good trip down here to my 'hood. . . The Magic House, I swear, is 1/2 the reason we decided to live in Kirkwood. Come back when the new part is finsihed!

  13. funny i have always hated red(partly because i dont look good in it) but the last year or so, i cant get enough of it. i also now have a red and green room(no its not decorated for xmas). i love those two colors together!


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