Monday, August 04, 2008


So, my little allergy problem turned into a big problem. By Sunday morning at 5 am I was in the ER, getting shots of adrenaline, being pumped full of steroids and antihistamines and anything else they could think of to throw at me. It seems that I am having a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic I was taking for a UTI, something called Levaquin.

And despite taking a million drugs and using a zillion creams, the only thing that even slightly helped me was the adrenaline shot. I am covered in the most miserable, itchy burning rash. My eyes are swelling, my lips are swelling and even my throat was swelling.

Scary stuff.
Since none of this stuff is working this morning I started googling homeopathic remedies. It was easy enough to google up something that might help, but try buying it in St Louis. You can forget about it. I called health food stores, Whole Paycheck, even Weleda to see if anyone sells it here. In the end, I have had to pay to have it overnighted to me.
It seems like more and more I find myself turning to homeopathic remedies as Western medicine seems to be failing me. And I find myself floundering. A lot. What to buy? Where to buy it? When to buy it?

St Louis is not really a cutting edge type of place. Call and ask for a homeopathic rash remedy and they will tell you to put some aloe on it.
I thought maybe someone out there has more experience with this than I might have, or maybe you have a few things you keep on hand that you would like to share?

What we have tried with success around our house so far includes:
Hylands teething tablets , for when Jack was a teething baby

Neti Pot for allergies combined with this sinus and respiratory stuff when it is really bad. (I have been able to entirely quit using all sudafed, zyrtec and prescription nasal sprays since I started this. And honestly? I have never felt better.)

I periodically use a probiotic for digestive issues. It works WAY better than all that immodium stuff.

arnica gel for all manner of ailments, from bumps and bruises to my current itching. (It is actually slowing the itching down, a lot more than gobs of cortisone cream was). This stuff is AMAZING on bumps on kiddos.

Weleda Diaper creme for when Jack was a babe

I usually wear a piece of amber every day.

Cystex for UTI's. Ordinarily this stuff works really well, I just got slammed hard last week.

And I am waiting on Weleda to send me this burn care for the rash. I think the urtica urens will help with the Urticaria currently driving me insane.

I know plenty of people are thinking about things like not using chemical shampoos and deodorants, avoiding plastics and buying organic foods. Medicine has to fit in there too, right?

Have any books you like to use that we might find helpful? Websites? Something in your own medicine cabinet worth recommending? Maybe you have been using a doctor that uses homeopathy as well as traditional medicine? Maybe you already have a good homeopathic first aid kit at the ready? (I would love to have one of those.)

In the meantime, I will be scarce for a few days as I am about to be driven completely mad by the itching. If you see a crazy lady with red rashy eyeballs crying about the itching, that will be me. LOL

(The photos: Jack spelling with food; a new nature tray complete with feathers, cicada shells, eggs and umbrellas (after reading Soulemama's Creative Family book); this year's Christmas in July tree, complete with paper parasols that Jack went CRAZY over.)


  1. I think I have used Allium Cepa in the past when I was pregnant with allergies. My allergies were so terrible that one pregnancy, that my homeopathic doctor recommended it.

    She recommended several things to me for various things, but then she had the nerve to go into private practice and my insurance wouldn't allow me to continue seeing her. (dumb army insurance)

  2. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Try finding a good D.O. doctor in your area. They practice (or are supposed to practice) both traditional/homeopathic and modern medicine. I don't live in your area but I did google these doctors of osteopathic medicine for you. I hope you feel better soon! I enjoy your blog! :)

    Berkin, Shawn - DO 5524 Telegraph Rd
    Couts, Fred - DO 9628 Midland Blvd
    Duhart, Freddie - DO 7267 Natural Bridge Rd
    Leahy, Edward - DO 4441 Brown Rd
    Neeb, Norman - DO 12166 Old Big Bend Rd
    Wade, William - DO PO Box 140067

  3. Good God Sarah!!!! How scary, I am SO glad you are ok!! My youngest(the one Jack reminds me of- a redheaded, brown eyed pistol) is allergic to penicillin so I'm wary of all antibiotics for her.

    I have rarely had luck with homeopathic stuff, herbals work better for me. Although hylands teething tablets and a homeopathic swimmer's ear remedy have been amazing.

    I swear by garlic(cloves, not capsules). I chop them up into small pill-sized chunks and down 3-4 a day when I am sick. This latest time I'm not sure it helped but one time I kicked a full-blown case of mastitis right out.

    We also love the Bolthouse Farms "smoothies", the C-boost and Berry something are good for immunity. These are sold in the produce section of our WalMart believe it or not.

    A real-life friend of mine sells tonics and tinctures that we've used with much success. Her website is Right now I'm using the Breathe formula tincture and the Muscle Ease cream for my hip bursitis. I also use her mineral make-up and love it!

    Take care of yourself and don't claw your skin off! Has oatmeal helped?

  4. Becka1:41 PM

    There is a homeopathic dr in st louis, but darn it, I can't remember...
    It JUST came to me. Dr Westling...wesling...something like that. I have never seen it spelled, only heard of him. Two really good friends go see him.

    My chiropractor "Dr. Quack" has an amazing supply of homeopathics, and is my local source.

  5. Becka2:05 PM

    Sarah, here is the webpage for that dr.

  6. Whenever anyone at my house has an ailment, I try to find a more natural way to help it than rely on medicine. The Native Americans took roots, herbs and all sorts of remedies for their ailments. I take Deglycyrrhizinated (DGL) Licorice for stomach problems. I also eat a lot of Activia yogurt when I am having stomach issues (I have a lot of digestive problems) and eat it when I am feeling well too. My grandmother is a strict believer in wearing magnets and copper. I do have magnetic shoe insoles that make my back and legs feel bettter. I had a terrible rash last summer and it reminded me of when DS had a yeast infection after anitbiotics. I found a herbal remedy for a yeast infection and my rash was gone in days. I had used tubes and tubes of creams and ointments. I haven't gotten over the eeeew factor enough to try a Netipot, but I know they work ans we will probably do it when necessary.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. I understand medicine reactions - TRUST ME. Awful.

  7. I don't know that it's considered homeopathic, but we get adjusted by a chiropractor every week and Maren goes every month. She has been getting adjusted since she was born and she's been an incredibly healthy child! The chiropractic is more than just to keep your back/neck from hurting--it keeps your spinal cord healthy so that the natural healing impulses can get from your brain to the rest of your body. I know it sounds a bit quacky, but I do think there is something to it.

  8. I am no use at all on this, but I share your experience with the Neti pot - amazing. I hope you feel better, though - yikes.

  9. When our dogs have problems I go to Herbaticus (they have a website). They don't only treat animals either from what I've heard; not sure if they ship overseas or not.

  10. Anonymous7:45 PM

    You poor thing! I so hope you find some relief. I'm no help, my only homeopathic experience is with Arnica cream (it's like magic!) and arnica pills. The problem with conventional meds is often they work fast (when you get a bad UTI fast is good!) but when theres a reaction its always fast and serious too. I'm so wary of doctors now and am really considering going homeopathic as much as possible.

  11. I hope you start to feel better soon!

    Sounds like I'm in the same boat as you with natural medicine, as far as being in the process of learning.

    I've been using Lavendar Oil on my mosquito bites and it helps gloriously well to stop the itching. I just rub it directly on my skin without diluting it. {I get a pretty severe reaction to mosquito bites - they turn into big, angry, red welts and itch for well over a week!} One of my friends just told me that Oil of Oregano works well for itching, as well, although, I haven't tried it for that. (I love it for other things - I've knocked out Strep throat with it before.) I turn to natural medicine first, before traditional now. Although, I do use both.

  12. Oh Sarah! Obviously, I didn't see this before I sent my email... How scary! I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I'd really like to learn more about homeopathic remedies and am going to check out some of the suggestions made here. I don't know a lot but my mother in law works in a natural health store and supplies us with Oregacyn (sp?)-it's a capsule of wild oregano and helps with sinus and cold issues... I am so happy to have it! Take good care of yourself! xo-Mel

    It seems silly now but I adore your Christmas in July tree!

  13. OH MY GOSH a friends mother had an alergic raction to an antibiotic and its sounds EXACTLY the same symptoms!!! WEIRD!!!!

  14. Sara, I have a homeopathic pharmacy on my corner. If you need something, just holler! In the meantime, feel better. Love the pink umbrella tree!

  15. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Something completely off the topic .... but that top know Jack has perfectly spelled thank you in Sweedish...hihi ;-)


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