Friday, September 19, 2008

Feedsacks, Finds, Feuds & Fungi

A few days ago, Barbara asked if I could help her with some stains on an AMAZING feedsack score she recently made. I am always happy to oblige on the stain front, and she wondered if I had any feedsacks I wanted to share today. Here are a few new ones I found recently, and an old favorite. As always you can click to enlarge.
Love these geometric prints. And this one is very autumnal.
I *found* this one in my own fabric stash. I didn't even realize it was a feedsack when I picked it up. D'oh!
My most cherished sack, soft pink with a cotton print.
And another recent geometric score.

Y'all are gonna faint when you see the ones she recently found though!
This is my best thrift find this week, a HUGE picture frame for the hallway . That white window can finally go!
I just liked this photo, lol. The frame has roses on it. Love.
Remember my pumpkin ? Well, the damn squirrel ate it! This means war squirrel. Don't say I didn't warn you.

(And it's the only pumpkin we got this year on the vine again. I think it isn't sunny enough where they sprout, but the neighbor kids are sure to steal them in all the sunny spots we do have. Can't win this battle methinks.)
We have gigantic fungi explosions all over the backyard at the moment. (And they stink.) Jack comes running this morning saying, "Mama! Look at the big window in the kitchen! We have marshmallows all over the yard."

Heh, marshmallows. Love that kid.

There you have it: feedsacks, finds, feuds and fungi. Happy Friday!


  1. I love all the material you found. Especially the geometric kind. At least you have a pumpkin (bad squirrel), ours barely bloomed and we have one tiny thing smaller than an apple and still green. Sigh...I sometimes don't get gardening.

  2. I so love that frame! If you ever tire of it, just let me know. :) Awesome fine, Sarah!

  3. Hey, so let's do this again next Friday 'cause I meant that Friday. Not this Friday. Because I can never do anything that fast. But I love the buildup ... and the alliteration ... etc. etc. Maybe every Friday should be Feedsack Friday. :)

  4. Oh, also - I love that pink one. Pink and green. Sigh. I'm feeling like a slacker, waiting 'til next week. Double sigh.

  5. We've been having a shroom explosion for the past month here! I just pointed a cluster out to my hub tonight and said they looked like someone had dropped toasted marshmallows all over.

    Love the feedsacks. Too bad about the pumpkin, rotten squirrel! Get him some birdseed to scatter.


  6. hahaha- still *lol* @ marshmallows! Cute! Kids say the darnest things!

    You know when you see a cluster or a ring- faeries have been nearby *winks*
    Awww- sorry to hear about your pumpkin. :O(
    Pretty frame. Are you going t keep it that color or repaint it?
    Have a great weekend!

  7. perhaps this is a silly question - but what do you do with your feedsacks?

  8. Oh my gosh a squirrel ate your pumpkin. I have never seen that. Clarice

  9. I have yet to even SEE a feed sack. LOL I don't know what I'm looking for I guess. :)

    Have you thought about a chicken wire cage for your pumpkins? Keeps the pests out thought may be unsafe for Jack playing in the yard maybe?


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