Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dirty boys

I am feeling crazy stressed lately. There is always so much to do, Jack is still being pretty darn defiant, my grandfather's health is failing and he requires a lot more of my time, my idiot cats will not stop peeing outside the litter pans (what? 20 pans wasn't enough? now they have to pee on the floor too?), the economy is pretty damn scary and there is that little problem of having zero time to myself. You all get it though, right? I know I am not alone.

I sent the boys off on a little manly adventure and Dave actually took pictures! Let's go along, shall we?
Gorgeous sun on the water.
Flowers I am sure they thought mama would like.
Just hanging out.
A rather nice picture of the Jack attack.
A way cute self portrait.
And tiny frogs. Jack also reports that there were giant fish!

It looks like they had fun, doesn't it?

I stayed here to work on some sewing for the birthday carnival, which is rapidly approaching.

And to clean up more cat pee. There are going to be three cats living in the backyard soon at this rate. LOL

Ok, off to dinner with me. Back soon I hope.

P.S. I CANNOT believe how different photographs look on this new laptop. Holy mackerel I didn't know what I was missing.


  1. Nope. You are absolutely not alone. There are many of us out here that at times are stressed and just plain freaked out. We've got your back, girl! ; )

    About the cats.... have you changed their litter brand recently? Maybe they need a check up - I've heard that urinating outside the box (if this is unusual behavior) might mean they have a bladder infection. Has something changed their normal routine? Just some things to think about.

    Now, can you tell me how to get mine to stop throwing up at the most inconvenient times? Ha!

    Keep your chin up! : )

  2. Have you tried Bach's Rescue Remedy? I've never had much luck with homeopathic treatments but when I was sick with my summer cough I tried one and it worked. I got RR at the same time and it works too!! My 12yr old daughter takes it too and says it helps soothe her nerves in social situations.

    Poor kitties! You may want them checked for UTIs. They might need a diet change too. Ours don't pee anywhere they aren't supposed to but they vomit all the live-long day. It drives me insane. I believe they make RR for animal use too, might be worth trying.

  3. Duh, forgot to say how much I loved the pictures from the boys' trip!!


  4. Our cats have diarrhea this week - a new food I tried with blueberries and no meat by-products. I guess that means they prefer the cheap crap after all! So far it has been in the box, but my God - the smell. So thankful I am off litter duty for a couple more months :)

    Hang in there!!

  5. Ok- I will move in next to you! Your boys' trip looks like it was a lot of fun...and you must have had fun at dinner with yourself!

  6. I know how you feel. Just not enough time in a day.

  7. Looks like the boys adventure worked out great! I'm with you-not enough hours in the day and the economy is super scary for sure.

  8. Hi Sarah,
    I love the self Portrait of your men!
    ANd the frog and flowers, well your guys are great.
    I hope that your cats are just missing you, what with your increased love you are sending out to your Grandfather.
    I hope he is more comfortable soon.
    With Kindness,

  9. Umm..yeah - the times are stressing me out too - definitely not alone there. I just try not to think about it, but that's sort of hard when you listen to NPR in the car. I like to be informed, but being informed stresses me out and I'm not sure how to strike a balance here.

    P.s - I love love love that pic of Dave and Jack - he's definitely his daddy's boy!!

  10. Definitely not alone Sarah. Isaiah is getting quite the little tude himself, and I'm worried about 3 being the new 2. yikes! Yesterday I was ready to give him away to the first taker. Luckily he turned his charm on right on time.

    Hope you're feeling at least a little refreshed with your small break. You deserve it!

  11. Our newest addition had issues with NOT using the litter box this week. She is now an outdoor kitty. When we moved here, Pancake & Waffle started doing it, and they went out. I cannot put up with it! Thankfully P is an excellent kitty and has no issues!

  12. So sorry hon about everything. Hugs and good thoughts to you on your grandfather's health and on having time to yourself (I really hear you on that one!). Reiterating the good advice that the cats go to the vet for a check up.

  13. Fabulous photo of your darling redheads!! My boys are reddish- one a red brown and the other a blondih red.
    Days are crazy with a little running around! It get easier when that can do more for themselves. When that happens, you can do more for yourself. I know you know that, but I just wanted to offer an encouraging word!


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