Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Eeeek! We have a mouse in the house. And my good hunter kitty, Dilly, is feeling poorly still. And of course it is in the sofa. Oh yes, the same sofa the squirrel was in. I am on guard while Dave is out buying mouse traps, but if that thing comes out, you all know I am going to pee my pants right? LOL

Oh please do not let this be a rerun of the squirrel incident .

I am way too chicken for all of this wildlife business.


  1. Yikes!
    I am sooo not a country girl.
    I'd see tiny mice scurry along the baseboards at my grandma's house, and she'd tell me, "Oh, Honey, they're more scared of you, then you are of them."
    I was NOT buying it.
    I hope you get it out of the sofa soon.

    Kimberly :)

  2. EEKKS! Ok I say this, but I would be right there with you, but... you are a lot bigger then that mouse. (that said RUN.... just kidding, but if it comes out go high, because they can not climb.) Good luck

  3. This one had me chuckling. We've have some pretty funny stories about "wildlife". I hope you get that mouse.

  4. Eeewwww. I truly did enjoy your squirrel story, though...but only 'cause I wasn't living it! I have a MAJOR rodent phobia!

  5. Oh, Sarah, that is awful, made worse by the fact that when mice hole up in couches it is to build a nest.

    I have a solution. Call up the animal shelter, and tell them you would like to foster twenty cats for the day... or maybe a week!

  6. This is a long story but I simply have to tell it. We had chickens on and off and in the chicken coop there were mice feeding on the chicken feed, too. So I hate mice. HATE. Just like you. I'm afraid, deathly. My daughter took our old hamster cage and put 2 baby mice in the cage and kept them. She would hide the cage from me. One day she had them in the family room and by that time I knew she was aiding and abetting horrible mice! I freaked out. So she promised she would get rid of them. She didn't! She told me they both died. Well not true. One died and the other one escaped. She got rid of the cage - I threw it out! So then our cat would sit by the couch and stare. All the time. ANd it started to creep me out. So I figured the mouse didn't really die. And this went on for a few weeks and I got more and more upset about it. So one saturday morning my husband had enough of my complaining and he gathered all the kids and had a plan. He said "we're going to take the 2 couches in the family room outside and I'm going to blow them out with the compressor and we're going to get rid of the mouse that mom thinks is in the sofa". So we had team 1 and team 2. Team 1 was to move the couch. Team 2 had brooms and things to kill/trap the mouse if it ran out. Well things went great with the first couch. Then the 2nd couch was picked up. And my husband had one end and 2 of the girls had the other end - team 1 remember. Ok. So when they picked up the couch and moved it about 2 feet the mouse dropped out of the couch. Everyone but my husband on team 1 dropped the couch and ran screaming and everyeone with brooms in team 2 dropped the brooms and ran screaming! Well I was on neither team. I was standing on a kitchen chair screaming. I guess thats what my husband gets for having a wife and 7 daughters. So the mouse was now somewhere else - it ran. Luckily later we saw it and chased it into the fire place where my husband promptly caught it. But ever since then my husband says team 1 and team 2 do not work in our house when it comes to mice. Ick. I really really hate mice. It was a funny story, but maybe you had to be there?

  7. Sarah,
    Mice find their way into our house each fall and spring. We use those round D-con traps....the ones where you don't have to see the mouse once it is trapped. Good luck.

  8. Don't worry they don't eat much. Didn't Jack want a new pet anyway? Kidding. Their quick, slightly shady manner always startles me, too.


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