Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Egg money, again

Whew, finally. A rainy day and Jack and I have nothing to do but hang out at the house. Thank goodness.

Two final egg money treasures. That vase above is a trench art vase . I think I first saw them in one of the country home type magazines, and fell in love. I stalked a few on Ebay (pricey!) and dreamed of one of my own. We went to a neighborhood garage sale, and there it was across the street. I beelined right for it! Way cool, my own little piece of history.
The same sale had a free box sitting on the ground. I bent down when I noticed the tree topper and then pulled out 2 handfuls of figural ornaments (figural = shaped, i.e. pine cones, sailor head, etc). I am not sure that the figural ones are all that old (the condition is excellent and they feel a little too thick), but they are nice, and hey the price was right. The other ornaments and garland came from a big flea market a few weeks back, where they were mixed in with lots of newer made in China stuff.

Shiny Brites are always a treasure in this house.
This is my current work in progress. And it's a bit of a pain in the rumpus. I cannot figure out how to nicely sew hexagons together on the sewing machine. Oy.

It is pretty though, isn't it?

Hopefully it will be done tomorrow.

Speaking of sewing, I got an email about the balls I showed on Sunday asking how to get them nicely round and get the points to meet at the ends like that. It's a good question, and I am sure she is not the only person wondering.

My best sewing tips on those types of projects are:
*Do a lot of ironing. Iron between each step.
*Do VERY careful cutting. I actually cut the pieces for the balls out with the rotary cutter.
*Really mind your seam allowances. Having those exactly the same on all the pieces makes the lining up much nicer.
*Stuff to within an inch of your life. Stuff, stuff, stuff and stuff some more. They are lumpy if you don't REALLY fill them tightly.
*Ask your husband to look at it before you sew it together. LOL

No really. Sometimes a fresh eye can see another way to put something together that makes more sense. Whenever I am feeling really stuck with a sewing dilemma, Dave can usually give a fresh opinion that may not be the answer I need, but it gives me a little brain push that gets me over the hump.


  1. He he that was me! Thanks for all your help! Hopefully I will get some finished to show soon!

  2. Hooray for rainy days at home!

    Your hexagons look so pretty. :)

  3. Love the hexagons. When you figure out a great way to do them on a machine, do share. You wouldn't keep such vital information to yourself, would you?! :) ~Jess

  4. 1. Never heard of trench art, but that's a great vase. 2. Free ornaments! Be still, my heart. 3. I've sewn very few hexagons, and only by hand - good luck with that!

  5. Love the ornaments and the hex quilt! so cute

  6. Oh your hexagons look lovely! I hope you'll keep posting photos so we can see the finished piece. : )

  7. OOOH, I love your quilt, I want all the fabric in it!

  8. Wow, great treasures! I bought a big box of ornament odds and ends this summer and I can't wait to make something fun out of them! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog so I could find yours. Meeting crafty bloggers is the BEST part!


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