Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween reruns

I will be off spending the next two days arranging and being the ringmaster of our very own three ring carnival. There are still a million things to do to get ready for the arrival of all of Jack's little friends for his birthday.

How about some Halloween reruns* until I get a minute to breathe?
I am still in love with the owl quilt. It took me awhile to find a place for it this year, but it's so sweet I had to remove something else to hang it up.
And the wizard! Who could forget the wizard.
There is always the biggest crafting project evah, the Halloween advent calendar. I didn't get a chance to fill it this year, but maybe I will fill it after Sunday passes and just count down the rest of the time to Halloween.
We are still using this bag as Jack's Halloween treat bag. I thought I had misplaced it this year, but it was easily found. Good thing, I love that little owl! It wouldn't have been Halloween without him.

When I return there will be the birthday carnival, a birthday boy and the start of my regular Great Pumpkin series counting down the days to Halloween! Exciting days. :-)

*If you need more details on any of the projects in this post you can enter the project name in that nifty search box and the original post will come up for you with the specifics. I have to get us out the door momentarily and didn't have time to make the links. Sorry.

(Is bloglines driving anyone else crazy? This is the second time it has just stopped updating feeds. I actually started a google reader account because of it. Oy.)


  1. Great bag, love the little owl!

  2. I just love that owl quilt!
    Good luck with the carnival birthday party - we went to one and my son really enjoyed it, great idea!

  3. I noticed the same thing about Bloglines, and it drives me nutso! I was also thinking of starting up a Google reader but the thought of transferring 140+ blogs over made me reconsider. I'm giving Bloglines ONE MORE CHANCE and that's it!

    PS--can't wait to hear about the burfday party!


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