Sunday, October 12, 2008

In memory of

I really never go to estate sales anymore. They are too crowded, too crazy, way too expensive and absolutely no place for a kid. Plus, there really *is* a sad factor at estate sales.

I can't even remember the last time I went to one. But there happened to be one on the way to Jack's preschool, so I popped in on Friday after I dropped Jack off. Well, I tried to go at 9:45 (they opened at 9) but there was no way to even get in the neighborhood because of the insane traffic, so I went back after noon.

As expected, the prices were insane. And I had VERY little cash in my pocket (only about $3), but I found a few treasures. Like tiny vintage velvet millinery flowers in a bag full of other junk.
Some fabric, dots for the birthday carnival this coming weekend...
and yards of vintage pillow ticking.

The fabric was in boxes in the basement, and I swear there were 10 boxes of double knit polyester and no good stuff.

There was one other piece in red with tiny white polka dots that I am absolutely kicking myself for leaving there the first time I went. I need to scrounge up yards and yards of fun fabrics for the carnival, and that is so not easy to do in my very girly stash. Sigh.

The fabric was priced per box though, and they were snippy about just selling it to me by the piece. (What on earth was I supposed to do with 50 lbs of double knit poly to get one piece of fabric though?!? I told them that was a silly pricing strategy for fabric.)
And I know this one is a shocker, but more ornaments. See those two rather ugly looking ones in the lower right hand corner?
I figured they were run of the mill junk and was getting ready to toss them out when I happened to read the back of this one:

Still junk, and still outta here, but it was good for a laugh, eh?


  1. I think I was at that Christmas, lol! How funny! What a treasure.

  2. That ornament is funny! Love the fabric and the flowers!

  3. Love that ornament! :)

    What kind of "fun" fabric are you looking for? I was just thinking to myself this morning that my stash was not "girly" enough and too much "youth" stuff.

  4. I was just thinking about some of our family traditions that have gone by the wayside, today. Your post, has me LOL. Every Christmas, my grandparents would have a tree decorating party. It was the tree in the basement family room of their house, where we would meet on Christmas Day. Everyone had to bring a homemade ornament. We did this for years. You ornament would have fit right in! Thanks for sharing. ooxx`jod

  5. I went to one estate sale this summer and it was just so weird - sifting through the entire house of some other person's stuff and buying it! I found some good stuff and the pricing was pretty fair, but reading your post, I had to laugh because there were also boxes and boxes of double knit polyester!

  6. I'm laughing at the ornament...

  7. Funny ornament.. but seriously.. I would LOVE all those other ones!

  8. ha ha ha! The ornament! Priceless. I'm sure it will get a special place on your tree. ;)

  9. Becky2:17 PM

    That's what my Granny used to call all her grandchildren (she was not the sweet old lady variety, but we all adored her.). Had she lived in the Midwest, I'd think you went to her estate sale!

  10. LOVE the ornaments - that one ugly one is too funny!

  11. That's hilarious!

  12. That ornament is hilarious!


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