Monday, October 13, 2008


I love crafts that involve hand prints and footprints. Jack is growing so fast, that it's nice to pull them out year to year and see the change. So when I saw this wreath at The Crafty Crow , it moved up to the top of the crafting list.

Jack thought this craft was a lot of fun, and he might have made hand prints and foot prints all day. But we happened to have a tiny baby here that day, and holy cow was she a lot of work!

I had him write BOO to add to the wreath since his writing and spelling skills are going through the roof right now.

Ours is not very wreath like, but I need to buy more mat board. Good thing I have a lot of prints left over.
The wreath reminds of one of my favorite crafts that Jack and I did, our Valentine footprint cupids . Still so sweet!

We also made pumpkin muffins that morning. Jack was asking if he could add the eggs and he kept saying, "Mom! Let me 'hatch' the eggs!"

So, I've been reminiscing a bit this weekend since we are one week from Jack leaving "number free" behind. In many ways I am so, so, so happy to leave three behind. This has been an incredibly hard year for Jack and I both. I have felt so mired under by the daily grind of just surviving this number three business that it has been really hard to see the forest for the trees.

As I was sitting here in the chair last night browsing the blog archives trying to decide when to start the Great Pumpkin Series I do every year, I realized that I often forget what a treasure my little blog here is. All those things I would have long forgotten, the first sentences, the silly faces, the adventures (and misadventures!), the rocks and sticks, walks in the mornings, first steps, first days of's all here. Nicely packaged and just waiting for me to rediscover it when I need it.

I am so thankful I have taken the time to do this blogging thing. And so thankful for each of you that comes to visit us here. I really do feel as if you are on this journey with me.

******Does anyone happen to have a superman costume like this or pair of a superman pajamas (with a cape) kicking around that they would be willing to swap or trade for? I brought one home from the thrift that Jack was really excited about, only to discover the size on the cape was not the same size as the suit and it was too small. For some reason it is really hard to find a *simple* superman get up that doesn't involve fake muscles or weird "briefs". LOL We need a 4-6 or a 5T or something close to that. I will swap/trade whatever, we can work out the details via email.


  1. Thank YOU for sharing these glimpses into your life. It's always a joy to see what you're up to : )

  2. I don't have that costume, but I wanted to say that you are crafty enough to make a similar one. You just need a pair of royal blue leggings and t-shirt and some fabric paint.

  3. Hey,
    I love those little cupids!

  4. Every year we decorate with crafts that we made as little folks many years ago. At grammies, she still puts out halloween decorations that my mom and uncle made in elementary we call those 'vintage' much to their chagrin.

  5. I saw some Superman PJs at Walmart. It had a cape with it. I think it was under $10. I think they were toddler sizes (unless they were infants. I wasn't really paying attention to Superman when there were Elmo ones to be loved by Sawyer.)

  6. I know...blogs are awesome in that way. And yours is so much fun for me, too.

    I just tagged you, if you're into that sort of thing. :)

  7. Your blog is a nice little history of Jack's life so far. Cute wreath and I would love some pumpkin muffins! Thanks for visiting my blog recently. Take care~

  8. I really like your wreath! Very nice and special!

    Good luck finding Superman... I'm sure he's out there somewhere. : )

  9. No superman costume here, but I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that the terrible twos are nothing compared to the threes (I'm sure you already figured that out), but my oldest monkey became that sweet sweet angel again just two days after he turned four. I've seen it over and over again. Four is amazing. They are loving and sweet and obedient!!! ~Now, five is another rivals two year olds (and I had both at the same time, no fair!!!). So enjoy this next year and keep blogging, so when that five year old attitude rears its ugly head you can look back here and remember how much you loved him when he was four! :)

  10. This weekend, I found a Santa Maria ship made out of a milk carton that my DS made in Kindergarten. *tears*

    Love your new header. The Bean and I have been looking for giant acorns but haven't found any in our quest. We want to make acorn faces.

  11. Very cute Sarah. You're so lucky you have blogging to document Jack's life -- I really wish I'd had that when my boys were little!


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