Sunday, October 26, 2008

Repeat after me

It's only a mouse Sarah. It's only a mouse.

Well, it's only mice. Yes, plural.

We finally managed to catch two, after not catching any of them since we first spotted one last week. (And yes, we had to catch them in a rather nasty way. They were just having fun with the peanut butter on the nicer traps.)

But that was not before we were up all night hunting them down. I can hear them chewing in the walls and frankly, that freaks me the hell out.

They've even chewed a hole in the wall behind my damn stove! And even worse, they were living on a cereal bar they found in my purse. A purse that was hanging from a nail 5 feet off the ground in the closet.

Oh yes they were.

Argh. Disgusting.

So 10 hours today have been spent totally cleaning out all the closets and the hideous, huge mess that was our garage.

We found what we are pretty sure is the entry hole and a nest.

Hopefully there will only be a few more sleepless nights before we have caught them all.

Oh please let the nightmare end soon! This is way too spooky, even for me.

And suddenly all those Martha Stewart mice we have around the house don't seem so charming anymore...


  1. We had a mouse in the garage a long time ago. I didn't care about my treasures or my memories, I just wanted to torch the whole place and start new. DH said, "It's only a mouse." Twit.

  2. Would it make you feel better if I told you we were dealing with rats at my house(not inside thankgod)?

    Big, HUGE, Rats too, as big as a woman's size 7 shoe! They clunk around in the attic and have a nest in the wall behind our bed, one of many I am sure. We've got poison but haven't put it out yet. I'm afraid the dogs would get hold of one and get sick. Sigh.


  3. Do you think mice can travel by e-mail? Because very early this morning, I woke my husband and asked him if he heard something. We're sleeping in the extra room in the attic while my parents are here. I wanted him to say, Yes, it's a squirrel on the roof. But he said, yeah, it's probably a mouse. And then went back to sleep. I am freaked out for you. And with you.

  4. I feel your pain! They're annoying little rodents! :(

  5. Oh Boy. I give you so much credit. Just those Martha Stewart mice creeped me out! I hope you are free of pests soon!

  6. I totally relate to this "hot mess" you are in! We had mice in our house for a minute when I was growing up~ I swear my moms feet didn't hit the ground till my dad had cleaned every trap!!!
    I'll stick with the Martha Stewart ones too!!! they are so sweet!
    Good Luck!

  7. Oh I feel for you. We have a bunch of cats-not house cats but outside cats-that we feed and take care of because I have this theory (more likely a wish) that they will keep the mice away (and the snakes too). Hope you have your house to yourselves very soon.

  8. I have lived through this Sarah. I can say it made me sick to my stomach to know rodents were in my home. It was horrible. The sticky traps work best but they are not for the faint of heart. I can so relate. I'm sorry. I can top these stories but I don't want to freak you out more. Thankfully when our house got flooded 18 months ago we were able to find the problem and fix it. We had them in the walls. We found they were coming from the roof and tunneling behind sheet rock in the insulation. When the dry wall came down we found the tunnels. Ick.

  9. lol, we just had a similar experience this weekend. You better believe i didn't go into the garage or the basement until husband got the critter. Still waiting to see if there was more than one. Eeks. I can't stand mice. I was having no part of it so you are much braver than me!

  10. We had mice too - they got in round the waste pipe that went outside from the kitchen sink. One was cheeky enough to come out while we were having breakfast and look at us! Anya thought (and still thinks) that it was the cutest thing ever and wants one as a pet!! We used chocolate in traps that squished - use gloves though or try to avoid handling the food as they can smell you on it and won't got near the traps! Phew long comment!!

  11. we always get mice. i hate having to get rid of them but they carry disease and i dont want anyones poop on my counter top!! we put out the poison and it keeps them out. i too do not like sharing my lodgings with little meeces


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