Sunday, October 05, 2008

Warp Speed

I am pretty sure that every year once October arrives my world starts moving at warp speed until the first of January. This year is obviously no different. We have had a whirlwind weekend which included making balls (pattern at Grand Revival Designs ) for a special birthday boy and one for my own special boy who couldn't live without one of his own;
the first of many visits to the farm and the pumpkin patch;
climbing the big straw mountain (not the least bit scary this year), and getting a new hair do;
the birthday party for the birthday boy (not Jack! we have 2 weeks to go), with big pinata fun;
decorating the front porch (never mind the somewhat ugly rental house or the kid crap everywhere, lol);
and Jack's first real bicycle.

Which he loves. And he fell off trying to turn a corner and busted his lip open and gave me a heart attack. (And yes, he needs a new helmet to fit his large noggin. But there was no keeping him off the bike while we looked for a helmet.)

Plus there has been forward progress on our own big upcoming carnival party (still much to do though), I finally thrifted a cute Halloween costume this year (not as good as the owl I made last year, but Jack is pretty non-committal on the costume front this year) and I have isolated the cat offender. (Not an easy job with three cats.) That means there is a vet visit in our future this week, and we need apples from the farm for the carnival, and we are going to have a special little baby visitor a few days this week. (Yipppeeeee! She is a sweet little thing.)

Man, are we exhausted yet?

Ah well, the cat has just thrown up, I suppose I don't have time to be exhausted yet. LOL Maybe when I am 80? :-)

(I haven't forgotten that last egg money treasure. Really. And I am positively ITCHING to make something I have just seen on Flickr. Back with good stuff soon I hope.)


  1. I agree that in October the world starts spinning and suddenly it's January...Hopefully I can enjoy some of these days as well. Your porch looks so fall-like. We put up all our outside decorations this weekend. Jack looks like a pro on that bike!

  2. I love your balls.


    How did I miss that it was Jack's birthday?! Happy Burfday, little buddy!!


    p.s. dying to know what you saw on flickr that was so darn inspiring!!

  3. It's been a while since I visited- jack's getting big and still a doll!!

  4. great pumpkin patch pictures! :)

    Oh, and congrats on your tutorial making it on the craft blog!!! YAY!!!

  5. What fun! It is sew crazy from here through the Holidays for us too! Actually it starts in September with G's birthday and doesn't stop! I love the weather we have been having too.

  6. I love October and it seems that you do too with everything going on. The balls are great - Kiki still plays with the one you made. I was thinking of you this weekend when we put up our Halloween decorations, a whole 1-2 weeks before we usually do. I thought "SiP already has hers up - guess we can do ours too!" :-)

  7. Yes, where did the last six days go? October certainly does begin a whirlwind!

    I've got to find a pumpkin patch - Jack looks like he's really enjoying himself!

  8. I've got balls on my post from today too!!LOL Oh, and cats too.

    Your porch is amazing, just too cute!!

    Love the bike pic with the teeny helmet. He's precious.

    I'm so glad you found the offending kitteh and can get some help for him(her). Hopefully it will be an easy fix(like hairballs or something).


    ps, Jessica(first commenter) nailed it with the October thing. Most years I feel like I've been strapped down in a roller coaster ride and its pulling out from the platform. There is no way off, I am stuck til the crazy ride is over which is usually the end of football season at my house. Sigh!

  9. i love those fabric balls! my boys would love them. they might be a good stocking stuffer!

  10. I'm sorta tired just reading this...;->

    I will be making some of those balls, so fun!

  11. I adore all these fabulous outdoor Halloween decorations. These are fantastic ideas.

  12. yikes, i just realized that in 2 months we are leaving for our christmas vacation. where did the time go? i love the picture of jack trying to hit the pinata. we sspend so much time encouraging our kids to be gentle around animals and then give them bats to whack at animal-pinatas. funny.
    ps i can't send you an email for some reason from the link, but if you send me a comment with your email, then i could send you mine. (i had some wierd people issues and can't publish my email address!)

  13. Sounds like you are really in a spin!
    Jack looks really happy on his new bike. Happy Birthday Jack!

    October is not a month I enjoy as I have some bad memories of this month and besides, I am always loathe to let summer go!

    Roll on Christmas and the New Year.

  14. I love the balls! (that sounds bad, doesn't it?) I just made a huge one for the girls, and have hopes of making many more. Wish I had some egg money. . .


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