Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh no you didn't

First things first, I had Jack, aka random integer generator, choose a number for the tickets, and he choose Missy! Shoot me an email with your snail mail address and I will post them asap.
It's 55 degrees today ahead of the ice storm that is supposed to roll in later tonight, so first thing this morning we headed off to the flea market. Yes, I am insane. In my defense the golfers are out too!

Usually this time of year is my luckiest, no crowds and only about 10 vendors. Today wasn't as lucky as usual, but I managed to dig up 3 cute vintage Japan santas.
This one cracks me up. It's clearly a Santa, and yet it is wearing a dress and ice skates.
My pictures don't really do them justice, the wind is blowing like crazy and it was hard to keep the paper and the Santas still!
Since I was already on the path to insanity I decided we should make that gingerbread house.

(I never, ever made a gingerbread house as a child. Deprived? Or new found tradition for this generation? Dave says he doesn't remember making one either, and his childhood was certainly different than mine.)
Jack is on an unrivaled sugar high.
It's good thing it's warm outside, he can run it off in the yard.

I cannot believe Christmas is only 11 days away. I have made nothing yet. Last year I made a TON of presents: quilts, towels, tee shirts, ornaments, zipper bags, pencil holders, etc. I have a quilt on the cutting mat right now that I need to go finish, but I am starting to panic about getting anything made!

P.S. I want to address an "anonymous" comment on the broken ornament post. Yes, Jack did feel bad when he saw me cry. In fact, he was not the least bit upset about having done that UNTIL he saw me cry. At first I felt very badly about that. Jack is my baby and I don't want to make him cry. But that is life, isn't it?

Our actions DO affect others. He has the potential to do plenty of things in life that will make other people angry or hurt or upset.

I am not 100% behind Love and Logic , but I think the author makes a very valid point that it is useful for small children to make mistakes and suffer the consequences of those mistakes while the mistakes are still small.

Anyway. I am not even sure the comment was critical, or meant to be critical, and I didn't take offense, but it was part of the incident that had certainly been discussed between both Jack and I and Dave and I, and I thought was worth mentioning.


  1. I love the Santas, they are so cute. I really like making gingerbread houses too, though didn't always make them through the years either.

    I am not anywhere near ready for Christmas either, just plugging away here. Only have one idea for little gifts I might make my mom and sisters if I have time. If not, they might be New Year's Day presents!

    As far as Jack seeing you cry, I agree that it is ok for him to see the consequences of his actions, even if it is Mom crying. It will lead to better understanding of others. One of the most important things we can teach our children is how to get along with other people and feeling empathy for them is a part of that.He is young and those things that broke mean nothing to him, so it was good for him to see that they meant something to you.Parenting is the hardest job you will ever do. But also the most rewarding.
    Sorry for rambling on.

  2. I never made a gingerbread house either. The look on Jack's face makes me want to though! I can only imagine all the wonderful memories Jack will take with him to adulthood!

  3. OH WOW! At least he could run off the sugar rush! You are making great memories!
    It's good that Jack saw you cry. You are human! I agree with everything Jean said....he will learn empathy this way. My kids have seen me cry from sadness, anger, frustration, fear...and food commercials! Yes, I am a bit emotional...I wear my heart on my sleeve!

  4. Children need to see grown ups cry. Especially their parents. It lets them understand that grow-ups are people too and things hurt them just as much as it would a kid. If he didn't see you cry, he might not have understood that what he did was hurtful to you. Most little boys do not want to hurt their Mamas. Mamas rock.

  5. Hi Sarah, I can't believe your patience to make a ginger bread house with Jack. Kudos for being a good mom. I know you are. That vintage fabric is so incredibly cute that the Japanese "santas" sit in front of. I had to laugh at the one with the skirt! hahaha I have some japanese fabric with misspellings and totally wrong words together. I think that makes it more fun. I hope you are well.

  6. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Regarding your Love and Logic comment. The consequences for a small child's action may seem small to you, but they aren't for the child. Some parents following Love and Logic even set up the child to fail so he can have those "learning moments." Love and Logic is particularly a concern on this front since their grasp of research-based child development is iffy. For instance, they suggest consequencing an infant for normal exploratory behaviors. And then they advise parents to use, relentlessly, sarcastic one-liner responses. So why has Love and Logic become so popular? Is it the promise to make parenting "fun"?

  7. Oooh, great Santas and I love the fabric they're sitting on!

  8. we do gengerbread type things every year. My favorite part is eating the candy and icing, so I am not upset that my boys like that too! We build things out of graham crackers and decorate, but I think we also did little gingerbread dudes last year. I think it is so much fun!

    And having two little boys that struggle with empathy (and one who is impulsive and doesn't understand consequences), we all wear our emotions on our sleeves and we talk about it when we aren't in the middle of it.

  9. Love that paper behind the santas!

    We never made gingerbread houses when we were little either. I don't remember those being a "thing" until a few years ago.. and now seems like everyone is making them.


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